Save money by knowing how a salesperson job works

Though the internet has provided much more information about major purchases, most of us will need to handle a salesperson at some point. A basic understanding of how most salespeople go about their jobs can help save you both time and money. Your purchase is their job It is a very rare salesperson that is

New airfare disclosure rules in effect

Airlines and others are hopping mad about new disclosure rules imposed by the Department of Transportation. The new rules about airfare mandate that airlines have to disclose taxes and other fees along with the cost of the fare. DOT makes airlines get real Here’s something that most people should find familiar: an airline advertises a
Citibank Tower

Citibank says frequent flyer miles are taxable

Citibank customers who received frequent flyer miles as part of a promotion last year are getting a surprise in their mail box. The lending giant is sending them a 1099 form, counting those miles as taxable income. ‘Customer responsible,’ later The promotion from February 2011 offered customers thousands of frequent flyer miles as a bonus

Report indicates slow growth in small business

According to a recent independent survey, payrolls for small businesses grew in January, as wages fell. The report indicates growth in the sector, but at a pace so leisurely that we will not see an overall recovery for some time yet. Fewer jobs added than in December The Small Business Employment Index was released Monday

Refunds for some early tax filers to be delayed

A good number of people like to file their tax returns as early as possible, in order to get some extra cash from a refund. That said, early filers this year will likely have to wait a while to get their refunds due to IRS fraud protections. Early birds will not worm out of waiting
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Yes, you should negotiate your salary

What you get paid for the work that you do can, at times, feel out of your control. Even in a bad economy with high unemployment, though, negotiating for a better salary can be an advisable move. When you should negotiate If you are job-hunting, then you should be ready to negotiate your salary when

More college students opting for less expensive options

College is an expensive undertaking in almost every situation. With less financial aid available and tuition going up every year, more students than ever before are going to their second or third choice schools. Dollar value of aid dropping The amount of financial aid available to students is dropping, year-by-year. In 2011, about 70 percent
A series of five-point stars, linked.

Amazon pay-for-play five-star review scam surfaces

The number of five-star reviews a product receives on is known to have an effect on how well it sells. The New York Times reports that as competition for business is fierce, some Amazon retailers have resorted to underhanded means of attracting sales. Some post fake sock puppet reviews, others offer refunds to customers
A fanned-out stack of Monopoly money.

International money transfer rules expanded by CFPB

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has stepped in to clear the way for consumers who dabble in currency conversion. Effective immediately, those who remit money to friends and family in other countries will receive a more detailed breakdown of exchange rates and fees. Money transfers, demystified A statement issued by the CFPB clarified that the
Resume refreshing

Refresh your resume to improve job search

Despite a slowly dropping unemployment rate, it’s still a fiercely competitive job market. Job-seekers need to use every advantage in selling themselves to prospective employers. A crisp, up-to-date resume is a your best calling card. If the job search is not going well, it may be time to look at yours and refresh it. Overall
Debit card

Debit card rewards returning to Bank of America

Most Americans have written off debit card reward programs as becoming obsolete. However, Bank of America is planning a new debit card rewards program — with some changes. Sometimes they come back Since federal regulations have been chipping away at the fees banks charge to customers and merchants, a lot of customer perks at large

Benefit corporations now allowed in seven states

Legally, any corporation has a duty to its shareholders to try to maximize profit, which means managers can be prosecuted for making any decision that is not financially based. In seven states, however, companies can now register as “benefit corporations,” which are allowed to focus on something other than profit. What it means to be
JC Penney

J.C. Penney slashing all prices by 40 percent

J.C. Penney, the national department store chain, is trying to find ways to boost its bottom line and has come up with a new strategy. The store is cutting all prices by 40 percent but will have fewer sales. J.C. Penny rollback permanent Retailers everywhere are looking for ways to entice more customers into buying
A young boy sits in a grocery store shopping cart. He's holding a cell phone.

Shopping while texting leads to overspending, study says

You’ve heard that you shouldn’t go to the grocery store on an empty stomach because it a surefire way to stumble into a larger bill at checkout. Similarly, the distraction that comes from shopping while texting can make you spend more, a recent study found. [Need to spend more in an emergency? Try an unsecured
doing lunch

Men spend more eating out for lunch, says study

An easy way to save money is to bring a bag lunch to work and a thermos of coffee. Both genders will save, but men will save even more. A recent study has found that men, as a rule, spend more on lunch and coffee than women do. Significantly more. Most spend $2,000 a year
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4 easy ways to increase how much you save

Saving money is something we all know we should do more of. There are a few simple things anyone can do that will help increase the amount of money you save. 1 – Direct deposit into savings Most people have direct deposit, so their paychecks are deposited into their checking account automatically. Switch this to
Payday loan storefront

Payday loans discussed at recent CFPB hearings

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has just appointed a new director and hit the ground running. The agency conducted a “field hearing” about payday lenders; the payday lending industry is the first the agency will try to bring in line. Hearing conducted in Birmingham Richard Cordray was recently, and controversially, installed via recess appointment by