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Getting the most out of holiday gift cards

Gift cards have become a modern staple of the holiday gift-giving ritual. They are easy, convenient and allow for a little more personalization than cash. But how often have you received a gift card only for it to be forgotten in the back of your wallet until it expires? Here are a few tips to

Online bill pay fee announced by Verizon

Verizon Wireless, one of the largest mobile carriers in the nation, will now charge customers for paying their bills online. Verizon is among other companies that charges customers for the convenience of paying their bill. Paying to pay your bill As of Jan. 15, according to CNN, Verizon is going to start charging Verizon customers

Repair or replace | A home appliance guide

Home appliances, from small to large, represent a huge investment for most people. The financial difference between repairing or replacing particular appliances can make the difference between a great investment or a terrible one. No credit check payday loans can help you repair or replace today. The warranty jackpot If your appliance has broken but
Credit card debt

New Year resolutions for financial health

The end of the year is only a few days away. Now is the time to think about ways to improve your fiscal outlook for the coming year. In these times of financial hardship, it is especially imperative to watch every dollar and get the most out of your money. These simple rules will help
Stock Market

Picking stocks is better left to the indexes

We all like to believe that we are capable, intelligent individuals that know the best for our situation. Statistics, however, have shown that when it comes to investing, letting the market be our guide is the smartest decision. Historical investor performance Dalbar, which is a financial services market research firm, compared data for the two
Gift Cards

Billions of dollars sit idle on unused gift cards

Gift cards are a very popular holiday gift option. However, $41 billion has gone unspent because of unused gift cards. The gift more people are giving Gift cards have become an evermore popular gift item during the past decade as they have replaced the traditional gift certificate. According to the Wall Street Journal, a survey
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For banks, bigger does not mean better customer service

According to a recent release from SNL Financial, Bank of America is no longer the nation’s leading lender. An independent survey from the American Customer Satisfaction Index showed BofA also scored lowest for customer satisfaction among major lenders. In fact, it seems that the smaller the bank, the higher customers rate its service. Pay day
Ribbon Cutting

New bill could help credit unions lend to small businesses

Big banks are becoming notoriously difficult for small business owners or entrepreneurs to get financing through. Credit unions are building a strong portfolio of business loans, but a new act in Congress aims to make lending more available. Business loans from credit unions In an effort to expand offerings and meet customer needs, many credit
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The value of a stolen credit card

No one wants to lose their credit card, or have their credit card stolen. It’s stressful for the consumer, particularly in situations where the loss of the card is used to compromise identity, and for card issuers, who lose millions of dollars each year because of credit card fraud. Yet in the final analysis, what
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Lowest ever US mortgage rates reported

The mortgage rates for 30-year loans dipped in the U.S. to record low levels last week. Home sales remain incongruously low. Still, there are some signs of improvement in the housing market. Lowest mortgage rates on record Freddie Mac said in a statement Thursday that the average rate on a 30-year fixed mortgage fell to

More than 100 Sears and Kmart stores closing

Holiday shopping may have given some retailers a boost at the end of the year, but for some it wasn’t enough. Sears and Kmart have announced more than 100 stores will be closing nationwide. Shopping sprees not big enough According to the Daily Mail, the retail industry projects a sizable haul for itself in the
Christmas Gifts

Get holiday gift returns in quickly

Millions of people will flood into stores after Christmas to return gifts they bought or received. It is best to get them in as quickly as possible; retailers are changing return policies this year. Haste will avoid waste this year Every year, millions of people take billions of dollars of merchandise back to stores because
Office For Rent

Rent for commercial space going down

For small business owners or anyone who works at home, space is always at a premium. A confluence of factors, however, means that it is possible to get an incredibly good deal on office and commercial space. Get the best rates on a payday loan cash advance. What determines commercial space pricing The pricing of

Holiday tipping in hard times

Tipping is a tricky subject, especially in today’s fragile economy. The holidays are a time when we especially like to show our generosity and send a little cheer to those service people who work so tirelessly to meet our needs throughout the year. But with prices what they are and the economy what it is,

Bank of America to pay $335 million to settle unfair lending suit

As of Wednesday morning, Bank of America has agreed to pay $335 million to settle a lawsuit over discriminatory lending practices. The lending practices, which were found to charge minority borrowers more, were used by Countrywide Financial before the troubled lender was purchased by Bank of America. Discriminatory lending practices revealed Federal investigators have documented
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Be wary of infomercial scams

Many people believe what they see on television, including on infomercials pitching products or services late at night. Consumers should be cautious because there are many infomercial scams out there. Biggest pitchmen busted Anyone who has watched television late at night has seen infomercials, programs showing products like kitchen gadgets, cleaning solutions, ways to “get
Checking baggage

Carry on bag fees could become standard for airlines

Airline fees are not popular among travelers, but they are likely to only increase over time. For instance, the carry-on bag fee imposed by Spirit Airlines is probably going to become standard. Small carrier raked in cash with fee Spirit Airlines, a small air carrier in the United States, announced a carry-on baggage fee for