North Dakota oil boom brings jobs aplenty

Those wondering where to move to escape the horror of the recession, consider North Dakota. Six-figure salaries are possible, just don’t expect it to be easy, notes CNN. The North Dakota oil boom, centered on the Bakken oil formation, has kept the state’s unemployment rate the lowest in the U.S. at 3.5 percent. Jobs are

Are you financially prepared for the zombie apocalypse?

It is only natural at this time of the year to consider a possible zombie apocalypse. You need to ask yourself — am I financially ready, should the dead begin to rise, walk the earth and feast on the living? Here are a few tips that may help you feel more prepared. Oh, and these

Wells Fargo and Chase drop debit card fees

Numerous large retail banks have announced in the past year that they will be adding new debit card or checking account fees, which has not gone over well. The consumer backlash has caused some of the largest banks to backtrack, and JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo have canceled their planned fee hikes. Big banks flinch

Consumer Reports says almost one quarter of fish is mislabeled

Millions of Americans enjoy seafood, but Consumer Reports cautions that they may not be eating the fish they thought they bought. A recent Consumer Reports investigation found that more than 20 percent of fish was mislabeled. Something fishy about seafood According to USA Today, $80.2 billion was spent by Americans on seafood. That kind of
Home for sale in Gautier, Mississippi.

The top 10 foreclosure states in the nation

Hundreds of thousands of U.S. homeowners are suffering through foreclosure. According to the real estate data tracking firm RealtyTrac, September data indicates that 1 in every 605 housing units in the U.S. received a foreclosure notice. While the pace of new foreclosures has slowed when compared with last year, the top 10 foreclosure states noted
Occupy Wall Street

After-tax income for wealthiest 1 percent has tripled since 1979

The incomes of America’s wealthiest 1 percent tripled between the years 1979 and 2007, according to a new report from the Congressional Budget Office. The incomes for other categories grew at a much slower rate. The new report gives more fuel to the the national deficit reduction debate as well as to the Occupy Wall
Student loan purchases

Administration announces plan to ease student loan burden

Student loans have overtaken credit cards as the nation’s chief source of long term debt. To address this trend, the White House announced a new initiative Wednesday to reduce that burden. The initiative is one of several moves the president is making to boost the economy without the support of Congressional Republicans. ‘Make a big

Organic food craze naturally leads to organic food scams

Whenever something becomes popular among consumers, it naturally leads the unscrupulous to scam people. For instance, the craze for organic foods has naturally resulted in organic food fraud. Money naturally draws in fraud artists In the past decade, organic foods, or foods that have been farmed without pesticides or genetic modifications, have become quite popular.
Retirement cake

How to instantly double your 401(k) contributions

It’s never too early to think about retirement, and the economy does not seem like it will be getting better any time soon. Getting the most out of any retirement plan just makes good sense. But a new study suggests many 401(k) contributors are missing out on an opportunity to double their contributions. 30 percent
American Bank

More than three-fourths of Americans distrust financial system

A recent report shows a deepening pessimism from the American public regarding its financial system. More than three in four Americans surveyed said they do not trust the nation’s financial system. Analysts say that regulators can work to rebuild that trust. But the public must also be educated enough to know when the system is

Avoid government grant scams

Some people may have noticed ads promising access to government grants for a fee. These are government grant scams, and there are a lot of them. Promise of free government money is usually an empty one Millions of ads are currently out on websites advertising that there is a lot of government grant money available

Recession has been kind to payday lenders

Despite banks becoming monolithic villains and stocks crashing every week, the past few years of dismal economic conditions have been good for alternative financial service providers. Payday lenders and other non-mainstream credit providers have been doing well. Alternative services booming on markets The past few years have been dismal economically. Though it is repeatedly insisted
Social Security

Social Security benefits to increase for first time since 2009

Social Security benefits will go up by 3.6 percent in 2012 to adjust for the cost of living. It is the first such raise since 2009. The increase is welcome news for seniors in this tough economy. However, many will see much of that increase eaten by increases in Medicare premiums. First COLA increase in
cute and little

Are dognappings yet another sign of uncertain financial times?

Desperate times lead to desperate measures. And, although national crime has gone steadily down each year, one crime seems to be on the rise — dog theft. Some find the trend indicative of the poor economy. Others cite more mundane reasons and warn against jumping to conclusions. Ransom demand for bulldog Jennifer Thomas, a wheelchair-bound

Millions of dollars wasted by Social Security fraud

Millions of people rely on Social Security payments to sustain them after they have stepped away from the workforce. Money draws fraud artists like moths to a flame, and millions of dollars go down the drain annually due to Social Security fraud. Millions paid out to dead people The Social Security Administration provides millions of
5 Bucks

Regional bank pays debit card users $5 per month

Bank of America announced last month that it will begin charging its customers a $5 monthly fee to use debit cards. The announcement has been met with stern disapproval from customers and the White House alike. However, at least one small bank is stepping up and rewarding its debit card holders by paying them. Rewarding

Target Missoni craze the latest instance of retail scalping

The craze at Target stores for Missoni-brand clothing in recent months led to an inexorably large number of Missoni items on eBay and Craigslist. The Missoni craze, like many other popular items, led to retail scalpers making a killing by buying in-demand goods and reselling them at a huge profit. Scalpers selling far more than