Oktoberfest another tragic victim of inflation

Many things have become costlier than they used to be as a result of recent economic conditions. Inflation has also conspired to make just about everything cost more — including things that really hurt, such as the famed Munich Oktoberfest. Beer price inflation higher than economic inflation Sometimes a dour economy can hit people where
Netflix dog

Netflix CEO apologizes and says company will split in two

Not long ago Netflix was one of the most successful businesses going in the economic slowdown. However, several questionable decisions made by management recently have shaken its popularity with customers and investors. The company’s CEO apologized, admitting mistakes, and laid out plans the company has for major changes in how it will operate. ‘I messed
A nine-year-old boy talks on a cell phone. He's holding a Pepsi can in his other hand, and there's a red Boston Red Sox baseball cap on his head.

Kids and cellphones: Knowing when the time is right

Many parents wrestle with whether a child should have a cellphone, and some will cave beneath the social pressure and make the purchase. If you’re a parent teetering on the edge of a cellphone buying decision, consider some advice on kids and cellphones, courtesy of the National Consumers League. Kids using cellphones: They’re getting younger
A man and a woman are sitting together in a plaza in Rome. It appears that the couple is having an argument.

How to stop debt from ruining marriage

Marriage is a major undertaking that can forever change your life. When marriage and debt are combined, it can get ugly. Not only does it cause tension between husband and wife, it can teach children negative financial lessons that take years to unlearn. Learn how to stop debt from ruining marriage in five steps, suggested

Bankruptcy filers are more educated, older, make more money

It still pays to get an education, but maybe not quite as well as it once did. A new study indicates that the number of college educated people filing for bankruptcy has risen by 20 percent over the last five years. The study also shows increases in age and income of filers. College-educated, higher-income earners

Beware of cancer scams when considering charitable giving

Giving to charity or helping a person in financial need is a wonderful thing to do. However, scams are everywhere, and dastardly people will even turn to cancer scams to fleece people. Common charitable cause a hotbed of fraud Many people donate money toward cancer research or to help fund treatment. One of the largest

Coupon clipping can help, but it has a dark side

Anything that saves us money in this troubled economy is worth pursuing. Coupon clipping can help keep grocery and other expenses down, and those savings can add up. But there is a dark side to couponing. Popularized the a TLC reality show “Extreme Couponing,” for some the practice can become an obsession that consumes their
Sign on the door of a coffee shop that reads, “No public restroom.”

Rent out your bathroom with CLOO app

Do you hate searching for restrooms in the big city? Do you like meeting new people and earning money in the process? Experience the best of both worlds with CLOO’, the iPhone app that enables you to rent out your bathroom for friends (and friends of friends) in your online social network. CLOO’, as in
Cutting credit cards

Economic growth depends on spending and paying bills on time

Just a few years ago, credit cards were the way most of us lived above our means. But since the Great Recession of 2008, Americans have been working hard to wean themselves off of the credit card habit. And while that may be wise and responsible from the standpoint of personal finances, the good sense
A man sits curbside, blowing bubbles with a bubble gun.

Is Obama job-training plan doomed to fail?

In his speech Thursday, President Obama proposed a series of new federal jobs and job-training programs for young people and the long-term unemployed. Yet thousands of critics are less than enthusiastic, notes the Wall Street Journal. The federal government has tried such programs for more than 50 years, and each one has failed in large

H&R Block removes refund anticipation loans from menu next year

H&R Block, the largest tax preparation service in the nation, has announced it will not offer refund anticipation loans next year to consumers. The loans, which are a cash advance against a tax return, are controversial, and Block says they aren’t necessary. Tax firm did well enough without them Earlier this year, H&R Block announced
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Student loan default at highest level in years

Student loan debt has surpassed credit cards on the consumer debt scale, and experts predict the trend to continue. According to the latest U.S. Department of Education data, federal student loan default rose sharply in fiscal 2010. Overall, 8.8 percent of borrowers defaulted. The number increased to 15 percent within the first two years of

Americans below poverty line hits highest number on record

  A Census Bureau report Tuesday revealed that more and more Americans are losing the battle to stay afloat in a stormy economy that refuses to quell. The number of Americans living below the poverty line increased in 2010 to its highest number since the bureau started keeping such records in 1959. Highest percentage since

Hiring unlicensed contractors is a huge risk

People often need to hire a contractor to complete work on their homes. Some people think hiring an unlicensed contractor is a way to save money, but there are substantial risks involved. Hiring an unlicensed contractor is usually illegal Most homeowners need a professional to complete home repairs or improvements. Certain things should be done

Calculating interest and dividends for matematically challenged

Not everybody is good at math. Many of us have been vexed by the complexity of those essential abstractions since school days. And yet, to negotiate financially as an adult, we need to understand the difference between simple and compound interest and how to calculate each. For those looking to invest, the same can be
Gold bullion and coins arranged for the camera.

How to avoid gold scams today

Gold prices are orbiting the stratosphere at a price of $1,859.20 per ounce as of noon EST Monday, according to Canadian metal dealing authority Kitco. With prices so high, invitations to invest in various gold mining, coin collecting and futures buzz at potential investors like bugs drawn to a porch light – and many of
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Jobs bill would extend assistance for small business startups

Obama’s Jobs bill is a $447-billion combination of tax cuts and economic reform. One provision of the bill could be greatly helpful for aspiring entrepreneurs. Extending the Self-Employment Assistance Program The Self-Employment Assistance Program is an unemployment program currently in use in a few different states. The program provides two things: training and money. Unemployed