Cost of child care adds to financial burden of parents

Raising children is a heavy burden financially. Many costs associated with raising children are increasing, including the cost of child care. Necessary part of being a modern parent For many parents, paying for childcare is just part of the cost of raising children. Since 1985, about one-quarter of children 4 or younger who have employed
Best Buy

Best Buy spends more, hires fewer as holiday season approaches

Best Buy, the largest consumer electronics retailer in the world, is combating revenue losses by increasing its online presence for the holiday season. The electronics giant also plans to cut temporary hiring by half. The move is disappointing for the unemployed hoping for seasonal work. In the midst of these losses, the retailer is spending

Why free checking accounts are disappearing

Free checking may not continue to exist for long. (Photo Credit: CC BY/Betsssssy/Flickr) A free checking account used to be a common convenience that banks extended to customers. However, the banking crisis has led many to abandon the practice. Here’s a closer look at why free checking is quickly becoming extinct. Banks becoming less user-friendly

Cost of health insurance going up

A study was recently released that asserts the cost of health insurance is going up. Health insurance benefits were found to cost the average family more than $15,000 per year. Cost of insurance growing faster than wages A study has just been released by the Kaiser Family Foundation, part of the Kaiser Permanente health care
student loan debt collector call

Administration proposal says debt collectors can call cell phones

President Obama’s deficit reduction plan would allow debt collectors to call the cell phones of people who are late on government-backed loans. These loans include most mortgages, back taxes and federal student loans. Currently, debt collectors are only allowed to call landline home telephones. Increased reliance on cell phones The administration believes the move is
Future Millionaire

What is your chance of becoming a millionaire?

According to MSNBC, in 2007 most Americans were against higher taxes for the rich because they hoped to be there one day themselves. That all  changed with the great recession. Now most Americans believe the goal is unattainable in their lifetime. Poll shows confidence low A recent poll from the AP and CNBC showed that

Beware financial services demanding upfront payments

Despite the many financial services firms engaged in legal and ethical practices, there are a lot of scams. The classic sign of a financial service scam is demanding payment up front. It is too good to be true There is an old maxim stating that “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably
The powerful European Central Bank [ E C B ] in the heart of Frankfurt/Main - Germany

Eurozone recovery plan could save Greece – and the world

The global financial crisis continues to boil in Europe, where the dour economic status of Greece threatens to pull other nations’ economies down into the abyss. BBC News reports that there may be a life raft, however. A eurozone recovery plan is in the works between the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Greece that could

Overdraft fees still chipping away at bank accounts

A recent study by Moebs Services revealed that consumers are still paying billions per year in overdraft fees. Poorer banking customers are more likely to incur overdrafts, which are becoming a prime target of banking regulations. Bulk of overdrafts levied against poor consumers Though financial reforms have taken a slight backseat to political wrangling over

Saving money while surfing on your smartphone

Many cell phone service providers have announced plans to do away with unlimited data plans in lieu of tiered plans, which are tailored more toward individual usage. Some in the blogosphere are outraged, believing that the tiered plans will cost them more. Some experts, however, are standing up for the tiered system. But no matter
holiday shopping

Retail industry gets political, expects improved shopping season

In spite of the murky economy, holiday shopping will be up slightly this year, according to an annual report. But there will be fewer bodies in the stores.  Meanwhile, the retail industry, concerned about its future growth, is getting politically active. Holiday season 20 percent of sales According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, the retail sector accounts for
crystal ball

Pyschics thrive in a sluggish economy

It seems that, no matter what the prediction for the nation’s economic future, predicting the future may be a recession-proof industry. Psychics are thriving with an infux of a new clientele: businessmen. ‘Healer and psychic medium’ Penelope is a single-named “hands-on healer and psychic medium” based in New York. She charges up to $125 an
A red Netflix DVD envelope that has seen better days – it's torn and chewed.

Finding Netflix alternatives for your streaming and DVD needs

If the Netflix/Qwikster break-up sent you scurrying for the exit like the 1 million-plus other disgruntled customers, you may be wondering where you’ll go to feast your eyes on streaming content and stacks of DVDs. Here’s a pro and con approach to the comparable Netflix alternatives. Redbox While not a DVD-by-mail or streaming service, Redbox
Nighttime photo of a Citigroup office building with lens flare that blurs the amber light of the corporate logo.

Citigroup pushing record number of credit card offers via mail

With business sagging, Citigroup Inc. is making a major push for credit card customers, reports the Wall Street Journal. Coming to a North American mailbox near you in the third quarter will be an estimated 346 million credit card offers, according to figures compiled by research firm Synovate. That’s more than one for every man,
Gas prices

Gas prices remain high despite expert predictions

According to the usual predictors, gas prices should be down. But though oil has been less than $90 a barrel since early August, prices at the pump remain about the same as they were 30 days ago. There are several factors contributing to the stubbornness of the pump numbers. About the same as last month

Oktoberfest another tragic victim of inflation

Many things have become costlier than they used to be as a result of recent economic conditions. Inflation has also conspired to make just about everything cost more — including things that really hurt, such as the famed Munich Oktoberfest. Beer price inflation higher than economic inflation Sometimes a dour economy can hit people where
Netflix dog

Netflix CEO apologizes and says company will split in two

Not long ago Netflix was one of the most successful businesses going in the economic slowdown. However, several questionable decisions made by management recently have shaken its popularity with customers and investors. The company’s CEO apologized, admitting mistakes, and laid out plans the company has for major changes in how it will operate. ‘I messed