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Foolproof methods for staying in debt

Somebody once said ignorance is bliss, and it can be. Why should the Contented Debt-Strapped Consumer (CD-SC) worry about the future implications of staggeringly overwhelming obligations, lowered credit ratings, bankruptcy and ruin? There are many tried and true methods of increasing and extending debt. 1. Debt schmebt The surest way for a CD-SC to not
Statue of Morris, Abbotsford - This garden is called "The Morris Garden" after this statue, whose sculptor John Greenfield died before he could complete it, and which was presented to Abbotsford in 1850 by William Lockhart of Milton, who was the half-brother of Mr Hope-Scott, Sir Walter's son-in-law. Morris is on his knees begging forgiveness from Helen MacGregor-Campbell after being implicit in giving over her husband Rob Roy to the authorities.

Debt ceiling failure; Treasury must decide which bills to pay

When the flood comes, no parent wants to have to choose which child to save. Thankfully, the impending U.S. debt default flood isn’t quite so tragic, but it will hurt. If the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling doesn’t rise by Tuesday, Aug. 2, the Treasury Department will have to decide who gets paid and who doesn’t.
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The fees we hate

As comedian Louis CK points out, when we don’t have enough money in the bank and it triggers built-in bank fees, we are being penalized for being poor. It can make you scream. Here’s a sampling of some of the fees we hate, because sometimes a little commiseration  is necessary. Unlisted phone number fees we

Closing costs going up on lower-priced homes

A home purchase is often one of the largest purchases a person will make. In this depressed housing market, average sales prices of homes have been going down. At the same time, average closing costs for loans are going up. What is included in a closing cost The closing costs of a home mortgage loan

Spending on healthcare could become one-fifth of American economy

Recent studies by federal auditors found that at current rates, spending on healthcare in America could make up 20 percent of the American economy by 2020. The rise in spending would be because of greater subsidies for insurance under healthcare reform laws. Economic growth overall slower than growth of health spending A recently released study

Stories about fantastic foreclosure sales can be misleading

There have been a plethora of stories in the past few years about people who scored fantastic deals on houses, as some seriously huge homes have been bought for pennies on the dollar. It’s not impossible, but there are only a few people able to successfully do it. Developers and real estate companies can score
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Walmart enters the streaming video business

In a move to further bolster its all-in-one online shopping strategy, Walmart is now offering movies, streaming directly from the company website.  Streaming video is becoming an increasingly popular way to market visual media. Walmart launches new service today A year and a half ago, the world’s largest retailer purchased VUDU, a video streaming service.

10 percent of all post offices could become private retail mail

The United States Postal Service has been plagued with financial trouble for years, and the last few have been particularly bad. The USPS is looking at privatizing more than 3,000 post offices in order to cut costs and introduce a new business model for postage. Postal service bleeding cash The United States Postal Service has
Photo of the U.S. national debt clock taken in November 2008.

Financial upside-down cake: China does not own America

As Democrats and Republicans struggle to balance the federal budget and come to an agreement regarding the debt ceiling, the threat of national debt default has many perplexed. Popular opinion is “China” is the answer to “who owns America?” People also believe default will place the U.S. too far behind. Yet a study by Business
LinkedIn Centipede Participants in the 2010 ING Bay to Breakers. Woman visible has the LinkedIn logo tattooed to her forehead.

Apply with LinkedIn aligns stars around job networking service

If you thought you could make it through your career and avoid LinkedIn completely, think again. The professional networking service launched an “Apply with LinkedIn” button Monday that will change the game when it comes to online job applications. Many job recruiting aggregators and corporate sites like Netflix and Living Social are already using the

Brand name medications to get cheaper as patents expire

The patents for a slate of brand-name prescription medications are going to expire this year, meaning some medicines are about to become a lot cheaper. Some of the best selling medications on the market are included, so Big Pharma’s loss will be the public’s gain. Exclusivity fleeting for drug makers Copyright protections are set to
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Study ranks states for creditworthiness

A person’s creditworthiness depends on a lot of factors, most of which can be controlled to one degree or another. One that can’t, without establishing residency elsewhere, is the state you reside in. A new study rates and ranks the creditworthiness of each of the 50 states. Where you live affects your credit “I think
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Airlines pocketing $25 million per day after government lockout

On Monday morning, the Federal Aviation Administration was gutted by Congress’s failure to pass legislation to keep the agency running. Some air travelers had been looking forward to this because it means no federal taxes on tickets. As of Sunday night, however, most airlines had raised prices to negate this price drop. The FAA shutdown
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Strange tales of the psychology of shopping

While retail merchandising may not seem very scientific at first glance, a great deal of thought goes into understanding why we buy and how the psychology of shopping works. Some of the theories make conventional sense, such as retail anthropologist Paco Underhill’s “butt brush factor,” which says women are much less likely to buy if

How to get the most when selling gold and silver

  As the economy continues to struggle, more and more people are considering gold and silver as alternative investments. But just because it is a seller’s  market does not mean that a seller should go in unarmed. Knowing the market will help greatly in getting the best return on precious metals. Gold rises when the

Beware of cheap knock-offs like the fake Apple store

Reports have exploded in the press about a fake Apple store in China that is a near carbon copy of real Apple stores. Though it is an aggressively brazen act of replication, there is a large black market of knock-off consumer products. Fake store just part of an entire line of iRipoffs There has been
Independent Contractor

How to price your independent contracting time

In the face of a weak job market, many are turning to independent contracting. Businesses like contracting work because it is less of a commitment than hiring a full-time employee; contractors like it because it offers flexibility. If you are considering doing independent contract work, pricing your time correctly can make the difference between making