Wells Fargo walk up ATMs lit at night on Ninth Street in Durham, North Carolina.

Wells Fargo ATM cash tracker delivers personalized experience

If your bank’s ATM interface puts you to sleep, you should see what Wells Fargo is offering. The banking giant’s ATM Cash Tracker system scans an ATM customer’s previous transaction history and provides the customer with personalized banking options and advertising. Wells Fargo is banking on the sleek new design being a big customer draw.
Payday loan

More small banks to offer payday loans

Payday loans are one of the most controversial financial products available, despite being much a smaller business than credit cards. However, a growing number of large and small banks are offering payday loans. Small bank payday loans equally court controversy Payday loans are one of the most controversial forms of credit, as the loans are

Amazon textbook rental now extends to hardcopies

There is no bigger pain in the neck for student than buying textbooks, mostly due to the enormous and usurious expense. However, Amazon wants to do the nation’s students a solid, by expanding the Amazon textbook rental program to hardcopy books. Amazon textbook rental in the time of textbook inflation Textbooks are one of the
nest egg

More Americans dipping into retirement accounts to get by

A new study says that more than a quarter of Americans with 401(k)s and other retirement accounts are dipping into those accounts before retirement to make ends meet. More raiding retirement accounts than ever before According to a new study from the financial advisory firm HelloWallet, more than $70 billion is drawn out of retirement
Open Enrollment

Open enrollment time for health insurance has come

Open-enrollment season is nearly over for most employer-sponsored health plans. It is the one chance for a year employees have to change their health insurance policies. If you get health insurance as a workplace benefit, it may be worth taking a close look at  your needs and your policy. And there’s no time to delay.
A Wells Fargo sign

FDIC reports big increase in bank lending

One of the chief complaints about things holding back an economic recovery has been the lack of willingness of banks to lend money. They appear to be opening back up to it somewhat; the FDIC has reported an increase in bank lending. More credit being extended Recessions are not good; the root word is “recede,”
Private school

Tax credit scholarships misuse state funds – Part 1

In recent decades, America has seen the rise in the popularity of educational alternatives like home schooling and private schools. Some private schools even receive public funding for scholarships to give students from less fortunate families a chance at a private school education. However, much of that money, according to the New York Times, is

Cost of unpaid child support not entirely borne by children, exes

Reportedly, the nation’s worst offender in unpaid child support has finally been collared, nicked in the Philippines for an invalid passport and shipped back to face the music. Unpaid child support isn’t suffered only by the children or ex-spouses, there are costs posed to everybody when a person skips it. Fugitive from unpaid child support
Savings Bond

Earn more money by putting your savings in the best place

Saving your money is important, no matter how little you may be able to put away each month. There are ways to earn significantly more money with your savings by shopping around a bit. Pay attention to savings rates At banks and credit unions, savings accounts do pay some kind of interest for keeping your
employment and social media

Employers snooping on social networking still a thorny issue

A contentious issue in employment and social media in modern America is whether an employer or potential employer has any business snooping around employees’ social media profiles. The government is starting to get involved, but it’s likely to be a thorny issue for some time to come. Guard against defamation or censoring free speech of citizens
housing market

Housing market: Most in U.S. think now is the time to buy a home

The housing market has been suffering as home sales and home values continue to slide. People aren’t buying houses, but perhaps they would if they could. A recent poll shows that most Americans believe now is a good time to buy a home. Believing in a buyer’s market A lagging housing market has been a
Close-up of a foreclosure sign outside a home property.

How to make your short sale go smoothly

Any homeowner who is underwater on their mortgage and wants an escape hatch has considered the merits of the short sale. Avoiding foreclosure by selling a home for less than the remaining mortgage balance may be a stretch for a lender. For the homeowner, such short sales can be stressful and time-consuming if not done

Summer jobs and internships: career gateways

According to a report from the National Association of Colleges and Employers, about 60 percent of 2011’s summer hires and interns became full-time employees. That is an all-time high. In today’s difficult job market, summer internships are becoming increasingly important as a first rung on the professional ladder. Record hires driven by economy The record
Cartoon drawing of the Grim Reaper, harbinger of death.

Why you should buy life insurance

As Atlanta 12-string guitar master Blind Willie McTell once sang, “You might as well get ready, cause you’ve got to die.” Christian overtones aside, life insurance salesmen would have loved Blind Willie. While it may seem morbid or unnecessary, the truth is that setting up a life insurance policy is a novel idea, as part
Cruise ship

Cruise ship fees just as bad as airlines

Airline fees are a hassle and as a result, some people wonder about different types of vacation, like a cruise. It won’t save anyone from being nickel and dimed, as cruise ship fees are just as numerous, lying in wait to ambush one’s wallet. Cruise ship fees shall charge us on the beaches, shall charge

Real, honest to goodness, chocolate toothpaste available

Most of the time, chocolate toothpaste is a silly fantasy because quite frankly the chocolate and sugar is going to rot one’s teeth. However, a real, honest-to-goodness, chocolate toothpaste, called Theodent, has been concocted and is available for sale though it isn’t quite what one thinks. Chocolate toothpaste is unfortunately not actually chocolate Believe it