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Mac users paying more than PC users on Orbitz, study indicates

Popular online travel booking website Orbitz bills itself as being a cheap way for consumers to make bargain travel plans from the comfort of home. However, Mac computer users have found that their travel plans are coming at a premium when compared with PC users. The Wall Street Journal reports that Mac users who look

Chicago bullet tax takes idea from Chris Rock

Every so often, life does imitate art and a proposed tax aimed at fighting crime in Chicago is straight out of a Chris Rock stand-up routine. The city is proposing a bullet tax and firearm tax, which would add surcharges that would, ideally, price criminals out of gun crime. There is no bullet tax in

More than $1b out there in unclaimed life insurance benefits

The reason one buys life insurance is to safeguard loved ones from financial hardships in case one runs down the curtain and joins the choir invisible. However, not everyone thinks to claim it, which is why there is more than $1 billion in unclaimed life insurance benefits waiting to be claimed. Lots of unclaimed life
“One of my commercial shoots: Photos featuring Chinese models as wallpapers. Those were downloadable on a Philips microsite. It was for the launch of a new '3D Shaver.' The idea was to show four different women: A model, an artist, a office worker and an CEO.”

Hidden job benefits you may not have considered

Having a solid job means that you’re earning money and possibly drawing benefits. Yet there are a number of lesser-known, almost hidden job benefits of which both the employed and unemployed should be aware. Availability will depend upon your field, but many of these job benefits are cross-career field. Hidden job benefits – For the
Gas pump

Price of gas edging toward four dollars per gallon

There are few things that affect consumer sentiment like the price of gasoline. The cost of gas going up by 5 cents can almost incite riots, and the cost of a gallon of gasoline is trending toward $4 per gallon. Practically the lynchpin of American economy There are few things that can deliver as crippling
Jobs report

December jobs report more of the same

The December jobs report has been released by the Department of Commerce. While jobs continued to be created, they were not sufficient to push down the jobless rate. Jobs report shows growth, not enough There were about 155,000 new jobs added to the economy in the last month of 2012. For the year of 2012,
Razor blade

Razor blade shoplifting still a retail epidemic

One of the most frequently shoplifted items is something that might surprise you. One might think thieves would go after alcohol, which they do, but it turns out that razor blade shoplifting is one of the more common thefts in retail. Razor blade shoplifting a going concern for some time Are beards really that bad?

Save money by giving yourself a break

It can be very tempting to try to maximize every moment in your day, bringing in more money to pay off debt, build an emergency fund or save for a goal. Keep in mind, however, that slowing down and giving yourself some time off can actually save you money. The dollar costs of always working

Why the fees you pay on investments are important

Investing money can be scary because it often involves handing money over to some kind of manager and hoping it brings in returns. One thing many investors forget to consider is that the fees a manager charges chip away at the returns an investment might bring. Fees versus Returns When it comes to investing, there

Tips for saving money on groceries when food prices rise

Many people might have noticed that their grocery bills have been going up this year, as fuel prices and other factors have forced the price of food to rise. However, there are plenty of ways to save money on groceries. Economic conditions mean expensive grub this summer Economic conditions in America are still dismal. Unemployment
Amazon Locker

Amazon now delivers to your local store

Online shopping is more and more becoming the norm for many in this rapidly-changing age. But what about the  problem of deliveries when consumers are at work, or otherwise away from home? Nobody wants a package setting on their doorstep all day. has a solution, and so does the U.S. Postal Service. Amazon Locker

The secrets of a loss leader sale or coupon

When grocery stores and retail stores advertise deals, there are often a few items at seemingly unbelievable prices. Called “loss leaders”, these incredibly low-priced items can be budget savers, if you shop carefully. What is a loss leader? In the retail business, a loss leader is a product sold at or below the cost of
A ticket counter

Travelers beware of airfare increases

Anyone hoping to catch a last-minute deal on airfare during Spring Break is not in for a pleasant surprise. A fresh round of airfare increases are taking place and there is not likely to be a reprieve. Tickets go with fuel costs As with so many other things, a rise in the cost of oil

Almost one-third of Americans cannot afford cost of dental care

The cost of doctors and medications gets a lot of attention but another sector of health care, namely dental care, is largely ignored. The cost of dental care is considerable, as up to 100 million people, fully one-third of the nation, can’t afford it. A real kick in the teeth One of the most important
Credit Report

Debt collectors on CFPB watch list

With the recess appointment of Richard Cordray as head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, financial service firms have a new sheriff in town. Debt collectors and credit reporters have just been added to the agency’s watch list. Off to a flying start The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was created in the Dodd-Frank Act, but
Rick Scott

Unemployment benefits cut early for thousands – part 2

As we have seen, many states have been forced to prematurely end the extended unemployment benefits of thousands. Additionally, some states, apart from the acts of Congress, are also making applicants jump through more hoops to qualify. More than half rejected in Fla. Florida, where unemployment is 8.7 percent, is the toughest. According to,
Artist's depiction of email as an envelope flying in front of a background that includes an @ symbol and a field of digital ones and zeroes.

Not deleting email can save you time and money

The “e” in email might as well stand for electronic nightmare for many in their working lives, such is the horror of delving into the inbox. However, as the vast majority of what we do today is digital, email is an important record-keeping system. You can save time (and ultimately, money) if you don’t delete