Credit unions pushing for lending cap lift

Two new bills presented in both the House and Senate would help credit unions lend more to small businesses. Current law limits credit unions to lending less than one-quarter the total amount banks loan. Lack of small loans For small businesses, getting the money that they need to start, expand or run their businesses can
Social Security Card

Workers paying more for Social Security benefits than they get

An Associated Press analysis of Social Security has found that, on balance, the program might not be the best retirement option. Workers currently paying into Social Security will pay more into it than they will likely receive in Social Security benefits. Cost of Social Security benefits greater than rewards According to Time magazine, if one

Take care to guard against parcel theft, online shoppers

One of the best parts of online shopping is waiting for the package to show up on the porch – it’s practically Christmas for adults. However, there is a risk of parcel theft, as there is a minor but present problem of people snatching parcels off the porch. Parcel theft reported nationwide The risk of
A stack of $100 bills.

The best online savings accounts

If you’re looking to open an online savings account, it’s important to do your research. You want an account with the highest interest rate – around 1 percent – minimal or no fees or balance restrictions, FDIC insurance and a good customer service rating for the accompanying bank. Here are some of the best online
Life Insurance

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month

The number of Americans with life insurance coverage has reached its lowest point in 50 years. It’s hard to think about future needs when many of us are struggling to make ends meet today. The non-profit Life Insurance Foundation for Education (LIFE) is sponsoring Life Insurance Awareness Month this September to bring awareness to the

Erroneous education credits cost taxpayers a bundle

When it comes to claiming education tax credits, the IRS would like people to be on the honor system. While continuing education can mean extra cash in a student’s paycheck, false claims of continuing education are costing taxpayers a bundle, according to Bankrate. The IRS spots erroneous education credit filings The IRS checks figures closely,
Pay raises

Tech, finance and admin workers may see pay raises in 2013

A report from a private staffing firm Wednesday predicted that you may be getting a pay raise next year. That is, if you work in technology, fiance or administration. But it is for the private sector only. Government employees are out of luck. Demand creates pay raises next year According to the new 2013 Salary
Ransacked home

Mortgage companies ransacking homes in foreclosure and not

People are encouraged to buy homes for many reasons, but a good number of failings in the financial industry have been exposed regarding how they handle foreclosures. Among other shenanigans, reports have emerged of mortgage companies ransacking homes both foreclosed on and not. Mortgage companies ransacking homes that are wholly-owned According to ABC, Alvin Tjosaas,
Women giving bagged goods to a homeless man sitting  on a sidewalk.

Alternative ways to support a charity (Pt. 2)

There are alternative ways to support a charity that may never have occurred to you. Consider these options that involve giving your time, or even giving money in an unconventional way with which you may not have already been familiar. CLICK HERE if you missed the beginning of this article. Alternative ways to support a
job hunt

Tax deductions for the unemployed

Job hunters who have been out of work for months and are watching their nest egg fly out the window may actually be able to catch a break in April. Out of-work job hunters can take a whole slew of tax deductions unavailable to the steadily employed. Most job hunt expenses Tax deductions Unemployed job-seekers
Retired job-seeker

Tips for job-seeking retirees

The unemployment rate was raised to 8.3 percent this month by the Labor Department. It’s hard enough for somebody in their prime to find work. It is even more difficult for job-seeking retirees who find themselves unable to stop earning in the wake of the financial crisis. Here are a few tips to help with
Wells Fargo walk up ATMs lit at night on Ninth Street in Durham, North Carolina.

Wells Fargo ATM cash tracker delivers personalized experience

If your bank’s ATM interface puts you to sleep, you should see what Wells Fargo is offering. The banking giant’s ATM Cash Tracker system scans an ATM customer’s previous transaction history and provides the customer with personalized banking options and advertising. Wells Fargo is banking on the sleek new design being a big customer draw.
Payday loan

More small banks to offer payday loans

Payday loans are one of the most controversial financial products available, despite being much a smaller business than credit cards. However, a growing number of large and small banks are offering payday loans. Small bank payday loans equally court controversy Payday loans are one of the most controversial forms of credit, as the loans are

Amazon textbook rental now extends to hardcopies

There is no bigger pain in the neck for student than buying textbooks, mostly due to the enormous and usurious expense. However, Amazon wants to do the nation’s students a solid, by expanding the Amazon textbook rental program to hardcopy books. Amazon textbook rental in the time of textbook inflation Textbooks are one of the
nest egg

More Americans dipping into retirement accounts to get by

A new study says that more than a quarter of Americans with 401(k)s and other retirement accounts are dipping into those accounts before retirement to make ends meet. More raiding retirement accounts than ever before According to a new study from the financial advisory firm HelloWallet, more than $70 billion is drawn out of retirement
Open Enrollment

Open enrollment time for health insurance has come

Open-enrollment season is nearly over for most employer-sponsored health plans. It is the one chance for a year employees have to change their health insurance policies. If you get health insurance as a workplace benefit, it may be worth taking a close look at  your needs and your policy. And there’s no time to delay.
A Wells Fargo sign

FDIC reports big increase in bank lending

One of the chief complaints about things holding back an economic recovery has been the lack of willingness of banks to lend money. They appear to be opening back up to it somewhat; the FDIC has reported an increase in bank lending. More credit being extended Recessions are not good; the root word is “recede,”