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Number of unemployment applications levels off

Following a roller-coaster of uneven reports, the U.S. Labor Department said Thursday that the number of unemployment aid claims has leveled off, indicating a long-coming rise in the job market. Holding steady from last week The federal agency reported the seasonally adjusted number of unemployment applications at 370,000, about the same as was reported last

Mayan Apocalypse preparation reach fever pitch, high price tags

The Mayan Apocalypse, which is supposedly going to take place on Dec. 21, 2012, is fast approaching. Doomsday preppers are going positively batty, as Mayan Apocalypse preparations are taking place in earnest and some people are shelling out some serious cash. Mayan Apocalypse preparations include an honest-to-goodness Ark Holy documents of the Ancient Near East
Ripples in water

Perverse incentives for abortion and not drug testing for welfare

There is such a thing as a “perverse incentive,” or in other words, an unintended benefit or detriment from something. One can actually find them everywhere, some examples being abortion and states that don’t drug test for welfare recipients. Perverse incentives go both ways There is such a thing as a “perverse incentive,” or a
Spirit Airlines

Airlines pocketing $25 million per day after government lockout

On Monday morning, the Federal Aviation Administration was gutted by Congress’s failure to pass legislation to keep the agency running. Some air travelers had been looking forward to this because it means no federal taxes on tickets. As of Sunday night, however, most airlines had raised prices to negate this price drop. The FAA shutdown
Theater concession stand

Good reason exists for movie theater concession prices

There are few things on earth that people whine about more than movie theater concession prices. There is little one can do about them, though, because without high concession prices, theaters wouldn’t be able to keep their doors open. Blockbuster lawsuit The story of a Michigan man sick of high theater concession prices has become

Real, honest to goodness, chocolate toothpaste available

Most of the time, chocolate toothpaste is a silly fantasy because quite frankly the chocolate and sugar is going to rot one’s teeth. However, a real, honest-to-goodness, chocolate toothpaste, called Theodent, has been concocted and is available for sale though it isn’t quite what one thinks. Chocolate toothpaste is unfortunately not actually chocolate Believe it
A ticket counter

Travelers beware of airfare increases

Anyone hoping to catch a last-minute deal on airfare during Spring Break is not in for a pleasant surprise. A fresh round of airfare increases are taking place and there is not likely to be a reprieve. Tickets go with fuel costs As with so many other things, a rise in the cost of oil
Central Falls

Central Falls, R.I. files for bankruptcy protection

Central Falls, Rhode Island is a city of 19,000 with the motto “A city with a bright future.” The future of Central Falls, however, is not so bright after they became the fifth municipality this year to file for bankruptcy. The move comes after the city was unable to pass reforms that would have cut
Women giving bagged goods to a homeless man sitting  on a sidewalk.

Alternative ways to support a charity (Pt. 2)

There are alternative ways to support a charity that may never have occurred to you. Consider these options that involve giving your time, or even giving money in an unconventional way with which you may not have already been familiar. CLICK HERE if you missed the beginning of this article. Alternative ways to support a

Take mortgage rate reports with mountain of salt

There are continuous reports in the news about a new average mortgage rate, usually once or twice a week and so on. Some people might think “oh my gosh, I gotta go out and buy a house now because loans are cheaper” but it is nowhere near that simple. New mortgage rate report out There’s
A teenaged girl stands in a skate park. She's holding a skateboard.

Stop whining about teen unemployment and prioritize

Summer jobs for teens are considered a rite of passage to some. However, despite the pronouncement of President Obama to the contrary, the private sector is not “doing fine.” Unemployment is up for everyone in the country, so someone – in this case, teens – get the short end of the stick. Witness the numbers,
U.S. archival photo of siblings in an wooden porch swing.

Cheap, chic ways to bring your living room outside this summer

Looking for some summer DIY projects to beautify your home, but want to avoid spending lots of money? There are many ways to beautify your porch, patio and lawn in such a way that it’s like you brought your living room outside. And guess what? It doesn’t have to be expensive! What more could you
House for sale

New CFPB mortgage rules issued from watchdog agency

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is still plugging away at patching holes in consumer protections laws and as promised, new mortgage rules are here. The new CFPB mortgage rules prevent certain risky loan types as well as mandating lenders exert greater scrutiny in lending. Interest only loans axed in CFPB mortgage rules The mortgage industry
A collection of chocolate Easter eggs, wrapped individually in colored foil.

Save money on Easter fun with these ideas

Easter is coming Sunday, and that means there will be colored eggs, gift baskets, candy, egg hunts and family meals aplenty. Unfortunately, the associated costs can add up fast. Why not try these cheap ideas for Easter? Make an Easter bunny cake Making an Easter bunny cake can take the place of countless bags of
Used Car

Do the math before committing to a vehicle purchase

Beater or brand-new, a vehicle can be a very expensive purchase. Your personal priorities are a big part of the decision, but the money that you will have to spend should be another part of the consideration. Know what you currently spend The first thing you should figure out when you are considering a vehicle

Debt collector complaints surge along with FTC lawsuits

There are few professions as maligned as debt collectors and a good deal of that damage is self-inflicted. Federal Trade Commission complaints and lawsuits against debt collectors are at an all time high. Number of lawsuits by feds skyrocketing Debt collectors don’t have an easy job, trying to get people to pay debt they incurred

Government pension plans coming under fire

The ideal for many American workers is to put a few decades into a career, then head off into retirement with a pension and a gold watch. A defined pension is rare in the private sector, and government pension plans are fast becoming a point of contention. Military retirement plan could be casualty of deficits