Life in the armed services involves struggle, and unfortunately that also includes financial struggles. Military members and their families often wind up facing sudden expenses, like everyone else, and sometimes need some sort of credit to rely on until the next pay disbursement. However, for those in the armed forces, loans like cash advances or payday loans are seemingly barred by regulations which prevent most payday lenders from lending to service members.
Armed Forces Loans

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that short term financing for sudden financial burdens isn’t available. In fact, it is accessible through Personal Money Network.

Armed Forces Loans Are Very Available

While it is true that many traditional payday lenders and similar financial service providers are not able to lend to the military, the issue is not that it’s illegal to lend to them per se, but rather that the rules for lending to service members are stricter than those for lending to the general public. As a result, fewer lenders are willing to lend for armed forces loans.

Personal Money Network, and the network of lenders that work with us to find the loan you need, understands that just because someone has decided to take on a life of service to our country doesn’t mean that sudden financial obligations don’t occur.

Get the funding you need

Lenders that we work with are willing to extend loans to military service personnel, in amounts up to $1,000. Installment plans for repayment are available as well. Since our lenders also utilize direct deposit, the funds can be wired to a bank account instead of having to wait for a check to cash.

The application process is easy and painless. The application itself takes most people five minutes or less to fill out, and a lending decision often follows within three minutes from a lender. At that point, you can decide whether to take the loan or not.

Getting by can be tough, but getting help is not

Since Personal Money Network is online, the armed forces loans you need can be applied for in the comfort of your own home, using a personal computer, tablet or even a smartphone device.

Also, since Personal Money Network isn’t a lender, but a matching service that works with a number of direct lenders to get you the financing you need, lenders actually compete for your business – meaning it’s that much easier to get the loan you want than going from lender to lender filling out applications.

Members of our armed services shouldn’t have to struggle to pay the bills. However, Personal Money Network can help if you do.

Apply for armed forces loans today!

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