Installment Loans California Bad Credit

Installment loans in California with bad credit? Personal Money Network can help. Simply fill out our easy to use online form. Your application for an installment loan will be on its way to the lenders working with us in minutes.

Even with bad credit installment loans in California are an option for many, and it doesn’t matter whether you live in Los Angeles, San Diego, Lancaster or somewhere else. Applying online for installment loans with bad credit is even easier and more convenient than going to a store front.

Once your application has been reviewed, it will undergo what is called a “soft credit check.” The lenders working with us use this process to verify your employment and evaluate your current income versus your outgoing expenses without having to run your credit report with a major credit reporting bureau. This means you may be more likely to qualify for an installment loan from one of these lenders. Also, because these lenders work in smaller dollar amounts than traditional financial institutions this may also increase your odds of receiving an approval. To find out if you qualify, simply fill out our easy to use form.

Don’t be fooled by other companies who claim to offer no credit check installment loans. Every lender performs some kind of credit verification. What they mean when they say “no credit check” is really just that they won’t run your credit report through a company like Equifax or TransUnion, but it is dishonest to claim that you can receive any kind of loan without the lender doing at least some kind of basic credit verification. That does not mean that your chances to receive an installment loan in California from the lenders working with Personal Money Network are non-existent! You may still qualify, even if you have bad credit. Don’t let bad credit stop you from keeping your finances on track. Apply today and find out if you qualify. Once you have received an approval, you’ll be sent to a page where you can review your contract. Read the fine print on contracts for California installment loans with no credit check carefully before you sign. You also have the option to apply for California payday loans when you can use fast cash as another option.