Emergency Loans

Life sometimes throws us all curveballs, and emergency loans can help us handle them when needed.

While some events can be avoided or predicted, not all are so controllable. These curveballs can be quite a challenge to handle financially, especially if you don’t have a nest egg saved up ahead of time.

Since most people in America live paycheck to paycheck, Personal Money Network understands the value and necessity of emergency loans at times.

That’s why we work with many lenders for emergency loans for all kinds of people, even people with bad credit. Emergency loans are tools when used appropriately to facilitate financial stability. In the right circumstances, emergency loans can stave off foreclosure or let you keep going to school. In other cases, emergency loans can help you keep your job!

Best of all, emergency loans are easy to apply for, and if approved you’ll get the money deposited in your account quickly.

What is an Emergency Loan?

An emergency loan is one that is needed very soon! Of course, if it wasn’t an emergency, you might not need a loan and could have saved up over time. But life isn’t always so predictable, and things come up every now and again that can challenge our financial stability.

Emergency loans for bad credit are great solutions to help get you the money you need quickly in the event of a sudden disaster or a new development. These loans often come in amounts ranging from $100 to $1000, depending on your financial need.

During your loan application, you’ll be able to specify precisely how much you need and this will determine your rate of repayment and any potential fees that you may need to account for when signing the contract.

Emergency loans are best thought of as financial stepping stones from one stable spot to another. Bad credit loans are also available through Personal Money Network and lenders we work with should you need the option.

What Are Emergency Loans Used For?

Emergency loans are last resort measures to help protect your home or family in a financial crisis. They can provide significant monetary infusions when the going gets tough or when you suddenly require a lump sum to take care of an immediate problem.

Emergency loans are most commonly used for:

  • paying to repair your car, which you require to get to work
  • paying for a medical bill in the event of injury
  • helping to make rent or utility payments for the month

All of these events aren’t necessarily things that you can plan for. Personal Money Network understands this and is dedicated to helping you solve the problem.

Emergency cash loans are used for good things, too. They can also be utilized for happy occasions or for making quick developments in your life. For instance, you might also use emergency loans for:

  • securing one last semester of college before graduation
  • giving an immediate gift to someone who’s about to travel abroad for several years
  • pulling money together for a wedding or the birth of a baby
  • unexpected bills or expenses, from medical to automotive repairs

As you can see, emergency loans are versatile and are useful for so many different situations. Personal Money Network and the lenders we work with may sometimes take your reasoning for the loan into account when deciding whether approve your loan request.

Overall, emergency loans can be thought of as bridges to keep you afloat while you continue to work for and practice financial stability. They are not intended for long-term financial stability or as a solution for poor monetary practices, but they can help you maintain your standard of living over the short term.

Different Types of Emergency Loans

Personal Money Network suggests several different types of emergency loans depending on your needs.

Payday loans are perfect for people who need a little extra money to make it to the end of the month for their next paycheck. Payday loans rely on you agreeing to pay back the loan as soon as you’re paid on your agreed payday.

Installment loans might be the right choice if looking for an option where the loan repayment terms are a little longer. Short term loans are a similar option.

Emergency loans are perfect for those who need a quick cash infusion. These loans are designed to be can be paid back very quickly. They are perfect for emergency car repairs and similar scenarios where you’ll be able to pay the loan back soon after receiving the money. Even when you budget down to the penny, you can’t always account for emergency expenses that can happen.

What Are The Requirements

Emergency loans can require some details for you to receive the loan. These things are:

  • an open checking account in good standing
  • identification like a driver’s license, proving you’re a resident, and 18 years or older
  • a phone number and email address
  • consistent work history, to show your income

All of these aspects are used to make the process of getting an emergency loan fast and easy and make your application more likely. The checking account is required so that lenders can deposit your loan into your bank account as quickly as possible once you’re approved. This is much faster than sending your money by mail or by check, as deposits could be processed shortly after approval or within a few business days, depending on the lender.

How to Apply

Applying for an emergency loan is very easy. All you need to do is fill out the loan application on Personal Money Network’s website to get started, and you’ll receive a decision from the lenders we work with very quickly, often within minutes.

In some cases, this may take longer, but your results will always be quick. This easy process allows people who need money quickly to apply through Personal Money Network and the lenders they work with. You won’t have to wait for up to a week or more to get your “emergency” funding. Instead, Personal Money Network will direct your application to our direct lenders who will review your application to see if you are eligible for the fast cash loan that you need.

When Will You get your Emergency Loan?

Personal Money Network doesn’t rely on outdated methods like faxing or mail to get you your money. Instead, you’ll get your personal loan amount transferred to your checking account after you have been approved (times may vary from lender to lender). This means that it’s truly an emergency loan.

The process wouldn’t work if it took too long for you to get the cash you need ASAP. Keep in mind that this process begins once your loan is approved, so if you want to get your emergency loan quicker, it’s important that you fill out a form and start the process right away.

The process of applying for your loan only takes a few minutes, and you should hear back from the lenders shortly.

We’ve Handled These Loan Requests Before

Personal Money Network has helped thousands of people when facing financial difficulties in times of crisis. These moments can happen to anybody, and we know how stressful they can be if you don’t have a way out. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping you with options like emergency loan for money issues you may have.

We’ve assisted people who need help with their mortgage or with their rental and utility payments, just as we help students pay their tuition on time or get enough money for books or school supplies along with other unexpected expenses where emergency loans help. It doesn’t matter what your ages for your occupation; we’ll help you just as we’ve helped thousands more in their moments of need.

The direct lenders understand what you’re asking, and that’s why we’ve become one of the most trusted networks online. We’re fast, reliable and dependable. With loans available through the various lenders, you can receive your cash after approval. We’re perfect for sudden situations where you need money now!

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