Car loans can be a real pain to deal with. Unless you get offered a fantastic loan straight away from your primary financial institution or a dealership – like that ever happens – it means you have to shop around for car financing before you ever get to shop for a vehicle. That means going from lender to lender and filling out application after application.

In short, it’s a huge hassle. What if it didn’t have to be though? What if you could just fill out one application and get multiple lenders to review your application and submit offers?

That’s where Personal Money Network comes in

The fantastic thing about Personal Money Network, if you’re looking to get pre-qualifed for car loans, is that instead of being a lender, we’re more of a lender matching service. Since we work with a large number of lenders, we can get multiple financing offers for qualified applicants.
When you submit your application, the lenders in our network all get to view your application. Since they can see what kind of loan you’re looking for, it’s more likely that you’ll be offered a loan for your terms or similar terms in order to win your business. The lenders compete to lend to you!

What this means when you go shopping

When you get pre-qualified for car loans, the most daunting part of the car buying process is basically already settled. You know how much you’ll be borrowing and how much you’ll be paying per month. That means you can focus on getting the car you want.

Another benefit is that communicating this a car sales professional indicates that you are serious about buying, which is a potent bargaining chip. If you make it known that you’re willing to buy if the price is right, they’ll likely be willing to work with you. That means the car buying process is less intimidating.

After a sale, you’ll know that you got a great deal and won’t have to worry as much about that pesky buyer’s remorse. You’ll love your car more, too.

So why wait? Apply for car loans today!