How to Get Money Fast

how to get money fast

Running out of money is a terrible feeling. Fortunately, finding easy cash can be easier than you think. We have collected a list of possibilities below that will help you get cash and get back on your feet quickly.

Give Blood

You can make an easy $30 or so by giving blood. You might be able to donate weekly, if you can handle the needle and have the time.

Donate Sperm

If you are a healthy male, you can donate sperm and make more than $50 per donation. Just remember that donating sperm can have long term impacts. You would want to be sure that you understand the laws in the state where you are donating in regards to future contact by sperm recipients.

Use a Pawnshop

A pawnshop is in business to give you cash when you need it. Take an item of value to the pawnshop and leave it in exchange for some cash. If you want the item back, bring back the cash by the required date and you’ll have the item returned to you.

Take Out a Loan

A payday or quick loan can be easy to arrange. Terms and conditions vary on these loans, but there are definitely lenders that pays out cash quickly without a credit check.

Sell on Facebook Marketplace

No matter what you have to sell, there is probably somebody who is willing to buy it over Facebook Marketplace. Sell your old furniture, your boat, your car, your shoes, your concert tickets through Facebook Marketplace and you can easily meet up away from your home and do a bit of a background check on the other party at the same time for safety’s sake.

Try a Quick Gig on Fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace that brings buyers and sellers together. The buyers want to spend $5. The sellers are offering whatever it takes to make that $5. You might write short articles, take surveys, test out a new game or product. Take on as many gigs as you want and $5 can add up quickly.

Giving Plasma

If you’re comfortable giving blood, you might be a good fit for giving plasma as well. You must meet certain health requirements and giving plasma takes longer than blood due to the procedure required. But after donating plasma, you can walk out with an easy $50.

Recycle or Sell Metal

Many areas pay for recycled glass or metal. In some areas you can be paid by weight, so it pays to spend some time canvassing neighborhoods on trash days to collect metal that can be sold again for recycling. Load up the broken lawn furniture, burned through grills and other metal trash and you can make yourself weekend spending money every weekend.

Sell Your Old Phone or Laptop

Many of us have old devices laying around collecting dust. You can sell those items and possibly make quite a bit more than you’d expect. Try selling them through Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist for cash today or try a websites like to buy and sell electronics remotely. Online sales might take a bit longer for cash in hand, of course.

Sell Gift Cards

Have old gift cards you never used? Check to be sure they still have a balance, but then you can sell the gift cards through Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace or you can sell them through a website like where you can find interested parties or locations online.

Take on Yardwork

You can make $20-40 mowing someone’s lawn. That means you can make an easy $100 within a few hours if you have your own lawnmower and weed eater. You can make even more if you take on some yardwork jobs during the right season – rake up leaves, clear snow, clean out gutters.

Be a Day Laborer

There are countless jobs that need people willing to put in some work. You can pick up a day laborer job through Craigslist or HireaHelper. You might also be able to join a group waiting for day jobs near big box stores or other known locations in your area. Help shovel dirt, move furniture or whatever else the job requires and you can enjoy a nice payoff at the end of the day.

Sell Your Books

Are you a booker hoarder, er, collector? You can sell those books through a used book store and walk away with a decent amount of money, especially if you have old text books or hardbacks.

Sell Media and Games

The new video game you or your kid just had to have might still be worth quite a bit. You can sell games at specialized media stores and make quite a bit. Some used games on modern consoles sell for $20 or $30 – a nice bit of cash for a game nobody plays anymore in your house.

Babysit Kids or Dogs

If you have the right network and people trust you, you can turn around a quick profit by taking some time to care for kids or dogs in your area. Take dogs on a walk or babysit your friend’s kids and you can make up to $20 per hour.

Be an Artist’s Model

If you aren’t particularly shy, you can be paid to sit in a partial or full state of nudity for an art class. Artist’s models are required to hold a position for five to twenty minutes before a short break, so it does require a bit of endurance. Modeling usually earns more than $30 per hour.

Sell Clothes and Shoes

A used clothing store can give you cash for your gently used clothes and shoes. Load up a bag, take them to the shop and you can walk away with a nice bit of cash – especially if you are selling well known and expensive brands.

Sell Crafts and Baked Goods

If you are good with your hands or great in the kitchen, you can sell your work to others through craft shows and flea markets in your area. You can also sell handicrafts through, but that might take longer to get cash in hand.

Return Other Purchases

If you went on a big shopping spree or recently received gifts from others that are unused and still in the package, consider returning them. If the item came from a store like Walmart or Target, you may be able to return it without a receipt and use the resulting store credit for what you actually need.

There are plenty of ways to get fast cash in your pocket over a long term, but sometimes we don’t have a lot of time to work with. When you need money now, it’s comforting to know that there are many ways you can help yourself.