8 Smart Ways to Use a Personal Loan Around Your New House

You sign your lease or arrange your mortgage. You move into your new home. You’re ready for the easy life – you have your spot to live and you’re ready to go.  You are ready to relax in your new space. But then the real cost of homeownership appears – repairs, maintenance, furniture and yard work. It’s expensive having a spot to live, even if you’re renting a home. Sometimes

9 Ways to Benefit More from Healthcare

Healthcare is a huge expense, and in some cases of chronic illness it can even add up to more than your monthly rent total – but it’s not the kind of expense that you can skip out on, especially if you have a medical history that means you could need health insurance more. Trying to make healthcare fit within your budget is often a challenge. There are many ways to make

What Everyone Needs to Know About Auto Loans

Unless you have a hefty savings account, buying a car with cash is probably not something you’re able to do. So what do you do when you need a new car, but don’t have the money saved up to pay for it? You get an auto loan. Auto loans have many different elements, and that can make them feel overwhelming initially. Car dealers also like to present the parts of

How to Get the Money You Need Now

Have you been hit by a surprising expense; your car bit the big one and needs a major repair or you need to buy a new one, or your water heater blew and it needs to be replaced, perhaps? Have you fallen on hard financial times; maybe you’ve lost your job or you’ve been forced to take a pay cut? Do you need to take an unexpected trip; a member

21 Personal Finance Apps You Should Know

With hundreds, or even thousands, of apps out there for financial purposes, it’s hard to narrow down the best ones. A good financial app is a tool to make your budgeting and financial management easier and more streamlined, and we know how important it is to find apps that are easy to use, but also rich in resources. With the right app you can easily track your spending, your bills,

budget travel

Almost everyone has dreams of seeing the world, or at least parts of the world. But travel is expensive and it’s often a hobby for those with extra cash, not folks living on a very strict budget. As it turns out, there are certainly plenty of ways to see the world when you have thousands of dollars to spend on various trips around the globe. But there are also plenty