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ways to make fast cash

If you’re near broke or cash-strapped until next payday or looking for ways to pay off debt, there’s lots of options that can help. We’ve pulled together a healthy dose of ideas for a cash infusion to help supplement your income. While you could ask a friend or family member for assistance, or even look at the option of a short term loan as a quick solution, there’s plenty of

emergency fund tips

Every financially responsible adult should have an emergency fund; when it’s about financial emergencies, it’s not about if they’ll happen, but when they’re going to – and the difference between sink-or-swim when something happens that requires cash could be your emergency fund.  Statistics say that as much as 40% of Americans don’t have enough cash saved away to cover a $1, 000 financial emergency. If this describes you – and

no credit check loan

A low credit score can hamper even the most fiscally prudent and honest of people. Buying a car or a home, renting an apartment, or obtaining a credit card almost always depends on the quality of the potential borrower’s credit. However, bad credit will keep those potential borrowers from obtaining most types of loans. Bad credit loans don’t necessarily mean they are bad. These loans exist because people with bad

11 Steps to Save Money

Budgeting is hard. Saving money can seem impossible. But it doesn’t have to be. Your money management determines how comfortably you can live your life. We talk about how nice it will be when we make more money and can do more things, but the trick to living comfortably is to budget for the money you make now – not for the money you hope to make someday. If you

What Is Debt-to-Income Ratio and Why You Should Care

A little debt isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, many rites of passage in life involve taking out loans — financing your first car, going to college, or purchasing your first home. But there’s a fine line between an “acceptable” amount of debt and too much debt. And once you cross that line, it might be hard to step back into safe financial territory. Paying too much each month

7 Budget-Friendly Tips for Christmas Shopping

The holiday season is fast approaching and that means it’s almost time for holiday shopping! Christmas shopping can be fun, but it can also be stressful. If you’ve been working hard to get your spending and your budget under control, one ill-timed holiday shopping spree can blow your budget in a big way. This year as you try to get your bank account healthy and your budget intact, approach Christmas

7 Ways to Bank More Each Month

Living paycheck-to-paycheck can be a real drag. All it takes is one emergency to precipitate a personal finance catastrophe, and when you’re counting on every penny to be there it can be a disaster when you’ve got to miss a couple of days of work because you’ve got to deal with an unforeseen situation. 1. Make it a Habit to Plan for the Future The best way to counteract such

What To Do If You Maxed Out Your Credit Cards

Finding yourself in a debt spiral of financial problems because you’ve maxed out your credit cards? Don’t worry — there are plenty of ways to make ends meet, even if you feel like you’re drowning in debt. Here’s what you need to keep in mind to dig yourself out of that hole you’re in. Don’t Panic! First off: stay calm. Yes, you might feel like it’s the end of the

7 Common Mistakes You Make When Trying to Save Money

Saving money is hard. Our entire economy is designed around people spending money, so when you are trying to save, it often feels like you are fighting against all of society. But having a healthy savings account is important. Living paycheck to paycheck is stressful, of course, especially when you run into an extra expense that you didn’t plan for. That’s why having an emergency fund is so important. But

8 ways to get back on track if you’ve blown your budget

Bought that coffee after promising yourself you wouldn’t? Grabbed one too many meals out this month? Got a surprise bill in the mail? It happens to all of us. A budget is easy to make, but it’s a lot harder to stick to. A blown budget can be a painful lesson in personal finance. But don’t give up. Whether you’ve made a big mistake or you’ve just had a bit