90 Ways to Make Fast Cash

ways to make fast cash

If you’re near broke or cash-strapped until next payday or looking for ways to pay off debt, there’s lots of options that can help.

We’ve pulled together a healthy dose of ideas for a cash infusion to help supplement your income.

While you could ask a friend or family member for assistance, or even look at the option of a short term loan as a quick solution, there’s plenty of ways to make fast cash when you need it.

how to make fast cash


How to Make Fast Cash

If you have trouble managing a budget, making ends meet, and don’t have an emergency fund when you need it, there’s lot of ways to make fast cash, and we found lots of great options to try.

Find a dog walking or pet sitting option in your area with sites like Rover or PetSitter.

Check your newspaper, Craigslist or MindAHome for home sitting opportunities.

Ready to roll up your sleeves and do some odd jobs for some speedy cash? 

Try TaskRabbit, Needto or Zaarly.

You could find a center to donate blood and earn $20-50 per donation (once per month).

Become a Mystery Shopper, join EasyShift, or become a Field Agent.

Find a variety of jobs for extra cash from house cleaning and errands, to helping move, being a handyman, or tutoring, odd jobs and more at ThumbTack, Care.com, Handy and others.

There’s also all kinds of weekend and seasonal jobs, from helping someone move to raking leaves or shovelling snow and more. Your local Craiglist is a good place to start looking. You could also clean pools, wash cars, setup holiday decorations and more.

Watch for jobs where you can be part of a focus group and be rewarded for your feedback at 20/20 Panel, MindSwarms, MediaBarn, Shugoll and others.

Become a virtual juror and help attorneys prepare for trial by sharing your impression at OnlineVerdict and SignupDirect.

Become a guinea pig and help medical researchers through ClinicalTrials, or research centers like Mayo or John Hopkins.

If you consider yourself a photographer, watch for jobs or try selling photos or visual content  at websites like ShutterStock, iStockPhoto or FOAP.

Join a workforce of gig workers at WeGoLook for more fast cash jobs.

If you have a car there’s even more ways you could get fast cash.

  • For many, extra cash starts with driving for Uber and/or Lyft.
  • Provide delivery for UberEats, Grubhub, Door Dash, PostMates or similar.
  • Try other delivery jobs from companies like Shipt, Instacart, AmazonFlex

Don’t mind being a moving billboard?

Get paid to drive your car with Carvertise, Free Car Media or Wrapify 

Note: A word of advice for some jobs where you make fast cash or money using your car. It’s possible that your standard personal auto insurance policy might exclude coverage of an accident or injury when it involves a side hustle and decline paying a claim, so you should be sure to check whether you might require commercial auto insurance or an alternative.

You could also consider renting out your car with services like Getaround or Turo.

Another popular option for fast cash can be to rent out a room in your home with websites like AirBnB, VRBO or HomeAway.

If you live in a bigger city you could try to make money by offering a walking tour on Viator.

But there’s lots of other ways to make fast cash, including;

Sell used electronics like cellphones, tablets and more at Gazelle or Decluttr.

Check your closet for brands of clothing to sell on ThredUp or Poshmark.

  • Take unused items that might be of value to a pawn shop
  • Try selling unused items on Craigslist or EBay.
  • Try selling unused items at a consignment shop.
  • Try returning old purchases or even gifts you no longer want.

Looking for online jobs to make fast cash? Give these a try: Mechanical Turk, UpWork, Fiverr, GigWalk, UserTesting, JustAnswer and Gengo.

You can sell unwanted gift cards at Cardpool for quick cash.

Sell furniture or other items on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.

If you own your home, look into a home equity loan if you don’t need the funds in your account immediately.

Many banks now offer a couple hundred dollars as a signup bonus to customers who open up a new checking account, although you often don’t receive the bonus for weeks.

Check whether you can get cash back after a purchase with Earny.

Taking a cash advance on your credit card can be an option. But they come with higher APR than taking money from the ATM since they’re loans. Also, if not paid back quickly it can affect your credit score.

Perform other simple tasks online to make fast cash with companies like ShopKick or Rewardable.

Sometimes you can just rent out other things you own, from a bouncy castle to tools at places like Rentzi, Buro or Zilok.

Take online surveys and similar for fast cash with ValuedOpinions, iPoll, Survey Junkie. Some of the better paying ones are SpringBoard America and Respondent. Others to try include InboxDollars, CashCrate and OpinionOutpost.

Earn points by doing surveys or shopping at some of your favorite stores with MyPoints or SwagBucks

Another option is GoFundMe, which is better than panhandling, where you’ll find people helping others on a wide variety of fundraising efforts.

Find unclaimed money thought pages like this, this and this from bank accounts, back pay, pensions, insurance and more.

Looking for something different?

Here’s some different and weird ways to make fast cash to consider;

  • Try a personal weight loss bet for cash prizes at HealthyWage
  • Be a buddy for someone to hang out with a RentAFriend
  • Make fast cash by becoming a professional eater
  • Cash in on your long locks and sell your hair
  • Clean up your community and make cash picking up doody
  • Leverage your social media influence for fast cash at Stylinity
  • Make money with video games and virtual gold farming
  • Try to make money online with Bitcoin mining
  • Start a weird business online and make money while doing it
  • Get paid to review music at SliceThePie to bring in more bucks
  • Be an extra in TV or movies through Backstage or CentralCasting

Once things are back on track is a good time to look into making use of or finding a budget that works for you to help manage your finances.

While not every option will provide you same day cash, there’s lots to choose from and it all adds up.

The cost of convenience can also add up, and looking at what you’re shelling out for subscription services like Netflix, Hulu or similar, or add-ons from your cellular provide can also help you save. Not to mention all the eating out, delivery, grocery drop offs and subscription kits that some use nowadays. From Blue Apron and GrubHub to UberEATS and more, the cost of convenience adds up.

By trimming some of these expenses, you could have more funds available in future, and not have a need for fast cash when having trouble making ends meet.

It might not be immediate results or fast cash tips like above, but being more frugal with your spending can help in the long run.