8 Smart Ways to Use a Personal Loan Around Your New House

8 Smart Ways to Use a Personal Loan Around Your New House

You sign your lease or arrange your mortgage. You move into your new home. You’re ready for the easy life – you have your spot to live and you’re ready to go.  You are ready to relax in your new space. But then the real cost of homeownership appears – repairs, maintenance, furniture and yard work.

It’s expensive having a spot to live, even if you’re renting a home. Sometimes the costs of your house require more cash than you currently have on hand. That’s when personal installment loans can be helpful. Personal loans range from a few hundred dollars to thousands and they can be paid back in a matter of weeks or over the course of years.

Depending on your needs, there is a personal loan that will help you get back on track so that you can enjoy your new home – not feel indebted to it. In times of need or an emergency as a new home owner, without a credit line or personal loan funds, some might look to short term online payday loans to help with issues that need immediate attention.

Buy Window Coverings

One of the funniest things about buying a new home is that it often doesn’t come with window coverings. You move into your house and there may not be any way to close or block off the windows for even basic privacy. A quick loan can get you over to the hardware store where you can buy nice blinds custom cut for your new windows to install right away.

Fix Plumbing Issues

A leaking pipe or a running toilet can cause long term headaches. Pipes leaking behind walls or under sinks need to be repaired immediately. Toilets running or sinks dripping will eventually cause rust, damage or at least expensive water bills. Repair plumbing issues immediately – you’ll regret waiting if you don’t.

Buy Furniture

You’ve moved in but have nowhere to sit or sleep. Sure, you can lay on the floor, but who wants to do that? Furniture prices can add up quickly, but with a personal loan you can easily order what you need online, have it delivered straight to your front door and you can skip the drama of trying to move it yourself. If you’re clever with your timing, you can have your new furniture ordered and delivered on the day you’re moving the rest of your items into your space.

Upgrade Your Climate Control

No air conditioning? Outdated equipment? You might be in for a miserable summer. Likewise, if you have a faulty heater or a problem with your central heat in the winter your family may be at risk. Test your systems and put them to work as soon as possible. If there is a problem, you’ll want to call out a repair person immediately to resolve it. Even just updating and upgrading equipment can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in efficiency every year.

Purchase Improvement Materials

You move into your new home and you have a few small projects to take care of. Painting supplies, new doors, a few mirrors and maybe a shelf or two for the garage and you’re looking at hundreds of dollars to be spent right after emptying your bank account for a down payment on your new place. A loan can help you get started immediately without waiting for your next paycheck.

Take Care of Your Lawn

You might decide to wait on fixing up the inside of your house until you have more cash or more time, but the neighbors are going to complain if you wait to take care of the outside. If your new home has a yard, it is going to need maintenance. It is likely that it will need that maintenance before you’re ready to handle it. A new mower, edger, weed eater, hedge trimmer, hose, sprinkler and wheelbarrow are all in your future, and they will require cash in hand to get started.

Pay the Movers

If the thought of loading up all your stuff and moving it from one spot to another is daunting, why not skip the drama and pay someone to move your things for you? Movers can make the task of moving so much easier, and you might even pay someone to pack your things and then move them for you. Of course, you’ll need cash to handle payments and tips, but for many busy families the expense is totally worth it.


The best time to renovate your home is while it is sitting empty. If you have the cash on hand, consider doing a major renovation in the weeks before you move into your new spot. Or if you already are in your home, you’ll need plenty of cash to work around the renovation with dinners out, hotel rooms as well as the supplies and labor you’ll need in order to get the job done. Without cash on hand, you might look at online loans to help, and even with bad credit there are options to be found.

As a new home owner it’s also wise to have an emergency fund on hand for those little expenses (and the surprise ones) that can come up.