An $800 loan can make a huge difference in your personal finances. Sometimes you just need a bit of cash on hand to cover an expensive car repair or to secure a better living situation. When you need money and you don’t have it in the bank, life can be stressful – especially if you don’t have a great credit score. Fortunately, getting a payday loan isn’t a problem – even if you have bad credit.

How quickly can I get an $800 loan?

Our fast approval process makes the loan process easier than you might expect. An $800 loan is a short-term loan designed to help you overcome short-term financial hardships, and lenders know that you need to get the cash without a lengthy application and approval process. In order to get the cash into your hands as quickly as possible, there is no hard credit check and the application process is streamlined to move as quickly as possible. While some people are after a no credit check loan, with payday loans this is and isn’t true. While lenders don’t typically do a hard check with the big credit reporting agencies or bureaus, they often look at things like employment history before deciding whether to lend to someone. Since it is the lenders choice, bad credit can sometimes be an issue with some lenders. But through our network of lending partners we are confident we can find what you need.

Once you have selected a lender, you have additional options to get your 800 dollar loan even faster. You can choose to have the funds sent to your bank account via direct deposit. You may be able to use an e-signature rather than having to sign and fax documents to the lender.

You are in control of the loan process. Online applications make the process move quickly, and you have choices when it comes to your lender and the loan application process.

How do I apply for an $800 dollar loan?

Applying for an 800 dollar loan is simple. Most of the time, you are not required to fax documents to a bank or fill out lengthy applications. You will start the $800 loan application online and use an e-signature to complete the documents after you’ve selected a lender and gone through the application process.

Even if you have bad credit, you are still able to apply for an $800 loan and complete the process easily online. There are many options for people who need loans, even if they have bad credit, and we can connect you with lenders in our network who do not require a hard credit check.

You will have the opportunity to review your loan documents before you agree to any payment terms or interest rates. Submitting the application doesn’t mean that you’re approved or that you’ve agreed to the loan terms before you’ve had a chance to review them. Only your online e-signature can finalize the loan process.

Start your application with us today and we will match you with the best lenders for your loan and credit situation. Complete the application process and your $800 loan will be wired to you or deposited directly in your bank account quickly and easily.

How much do I pay for an $800 dollar loan?

A lender will charge interest on every loan, including an $800 dollar loan. The actual interest rate will determine how much you’ll wind up paying in each installment of your loan payment as well as how much you’ll pay for the total eight hundred dollar loan over time.

In order to determine your interest rate and corresponding payments, you will apply for an $800 loan online. We will match you with various lenders so that you can compare the offers and find the loan offer that makes the most sense for your situation.

Additionally, your $800 loan is an unsecured loan. This means that you don’t have to put up any collateral like a car title. Like a payday loan, you will demonstrate your ability to repay the loan, fill out the necessary paperwork and then get the cash you need. It’s a perfect arrangement for people with bad credit who need money now.

Why do I need an $800 loan?

An installment loan of $800 makes it easy to take care of situations that need immediate attention. What would you do with an eight hundred loan? The possibilities are endless:

    • Rent. If your paycheck isn’t going to stretch enough to cover your rent this month, you can still get by with a quick $800 loan to help cover the difference.
    • Car repairs and tires. Sometimes you need to come up with a large sum to pay for big car repairs or new tires quickly and you don’t have the cash in hand. An eight hundred loan can help get you back on the road and back to work.

New appliance. Did your refrigerator break down? Maybe your washing machine gave out? Some appliances are necessary or just extremely hard to live without.

  • Medical bills. Your child needs to see a doctor or dentist, and you need to come up with the payment quickly. An 800 dollar loan can help see you through the payments.
  • Cover the financial gap. Sometimes you know you have a big check coming in, but it won’t get here until after you need the money. A fast $800 loan can help cover the gap.

Life can be messy, and when you need fast cash in hand and don’t have it, the stress adds up quickly. Fortunately, there are easy solutions when the need arises, and we can connect you easily with lenders when you need a quick $800 loan, even with bad credit.

When a financial emergency strikes, you don’t have time to wait around for a lengthy loan application process. You need cash, but you don’t want to wind up with a bad loan that will create additional financial stress down the road.

Put yourself in the driver’s seat. You apply for the loan. You choose the lender. You accept the terms. Then you will have the cash you need to take care of your business along with the peace of mind knowing you found a smart decision to a complicated problem.

Need an $800 loan?

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