GE Has Made A Lot Of Everybody Else’s Money

If there is one company that exploits the rules encouraging crony capitalism better than anyone, it appears GE would be the one. General Electric seemingly can’t make a lot of money on its own, so it relies on everyone else’s to stay afloat. GE sues to get a refund Remember the “GE pays no taxes”
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Gold Value Still Increasing, Is It Worth the Price?

There is a definite connection between currency values and gold value, and if today’s movement on gold futures is any indication, the world is experiencing a major shift. According to Marketwatch, Gold for December delivery went up $7.20 per ounce to an all-time high of $1,405 early Monday on the Comex of the New York
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The Real Penny Value – Is a Penny Worth Much?

Canada is now phasing out their penny following a few other countries who have decided a penny value is not worth much. Many in America have suggested we do the same. While this is not a news story, it reminded me of a math assignment I did as a kid and I want to do
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Personal loans: Get the basics right to finance your needs

People are always buried deep into some sort of debt. They take more credit to repay their mounting credit card bills. There is no way that can rescue these people from the troubles of debt. Sometimes, the outstanding balances give them a poor credit score that make them ineligible for other lines of credit. This
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An online payday advance helped pay off my vet bill

I had only budgeted $250 for the trip to the veterinarian. Unfortunately, the bill came to $500. I have an ongoing battle with my bank because of its exorbitant overdraft fees and knew that wasn’t going to be an option for me. I could never figure out if they would pay the check and charge
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No Credit Check Loans | Help for people with bad credit

No credit check loans provide many benefits to borrowers. It doesn’t matter what your credit score is; companies that work with no credit loan applications don’t necessarily do extensive background checks on your credit history. Benefits of no credit check loans: Generally no credit checks. Money in your personal account, sometimes within two hours of
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Get an easy installment loan with no credit check

Need an installment loan with no credit check? Does it feel like you haven’t been able to get one lately? Well this will all change, now that you have come to the right place. Borrowers like you can find an installment loan agency that won’t put you through all the red tape involved with analyzing
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Industry-First Social Gift Card Exchange from Card Hub

ARLINGTON, Virginia, April 21, 2010 – TowerGroup estimates that in 2009 alone, almost $5 billion went to waste due to unused gift cards. To help consumers make use of otherwise lost money, has launched a-first-of-its-kind Social Gift Card Exchange. How it’s Different The Social Gift Card Exchange separates itself from the pack by being
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How to get an online personal loan in minutes

With the recent crisis in the economy worldwide, people are seeking a way to get online personal loans to avoid the hassle and long waits of using banks. Below are six steps that will help you receive an online personal loan today. Find out who these online personal loan companies are If you want an

In need of a secured loan?

There are many reasons as to why you would want or need to get a secured loan for yourself. A reason would be if you were a parent or if you were pregnant and needed cash for medical needs – then you would need money instantly. But what if you had no one to turn

Understanding the Basics of a 401(k) Plan

What exactly is a 401(k) plan? A 401(k) plan is a type of retirement plan that is offered as a voluntary investment opportunity for employees. Individual employees determine a percentage of the wages that they’d like to invest before taxes are taken out. The allowable percentage will vary from employer to employer, and the federal

5 easy credit repair tricks to help you borrow money successfully

Your Credit Score The contents of your credit report can make or break your next loan application and your ability to borrow money. A good FICO score is the key to success. However, if your credit has taken a beating in recent times, you will have to do a little dusting off. The good news
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Bailouts Sending Unemployed to Money Lenders

Bailouts Sending Unemployed to Money Lenders GMAC in Trouble? The troubled auto lender GMAC needs more money, like everyone else does today, but on the last day of the decade; the federal government has agreed to bail them out with an additional $3.8 billion. This government is certainly kind, because even as they raise taxes
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How Much does it Take to Be Rich these Days?

How Much does it Take to Be Rich these Days? If I had a Million Dollars Becoming a millionaire is something that many of us have dreamt about. It is a vision that has led many people to do crazy things in the pursuit. The incessant quest has sparked many popular game shows and contests.

No Personal Loans in This Economy?

Stagnated Economy Unemployment has risen over the past year due to the recession, and figures are expected to stay at 10% or over for the next year. Many companies, in an effort to reduce their costs, have cut the wages of many of their employees by half. The companies are not thinking about their employees’

Avoid Personal Loans and Debt by Staying Healthy

Healthcare Insurance Costs Sky High Healthcare insurance was never cheap to begin with and has always been a strain on personal finances. With the cost of living now on the rise, many people are forced to take out personal loans to meet their expenses, including healthcare insurance. Rather than taking a loan to add to