GE Has Made A Lot Of Everybody Else’s Money

If there is one company that exploits the rules encouraging crony capitalism better than anyone, it appears GE would be the one. General Electric seemingly can’t make a lot of money on its own, so it relies on everyone else’s to stay afloat. GE sues to get a refund Remember the “GE pays no taxes”
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Gold Value Still Increasing, Is It Worth the Price?

There is a definite connection between currency values and gold value, and if today’s movement on gold futures is any indication, the world is experiencing a major shift. According to Marketwatch, Gold for December delivery went up $7.20 per ounce to an all-time high of $1,405 early Monday on the Comex of the New York
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The Real Penny Value – Is a Penny Worth Much?

Canada is now phasing out their penny following a few other countries who have decided a penny value is not worth much. Many in America have suggested we do the same. While this is not a news story, it reminded me of a math assignment I did as a kid and I want to do
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Personal loans: Get the basics right to finance your needs

People are always buried deep into some sort of debt. They take more credit to repay their mounting credit card bills. There is no way that can rescue these people from the troubles of debt. Sometimes, the outstanding balances give them a poor credit score that make them ineligible for other lines of credit. This