Doritos Locos tacos, apparently, are job creators


Apparently even tacos can be job creators, as Doritos Locos added 15,000 jobs at Taco Bell. Photo Credit: Lenin and McCarthy/Wikimedia Commons/CC-BY-SA

One of the terms that gets flung around, especially during presidential campaign seasons, is “job creators.” A lot of things can be job creators, apparently even tacos as Taco Bell’s Doritos Locos tacos reportedly added 15,000 jobs to Taco Bell’s payrolls.

Doritos Locos were a great idea

Ever watch those “TED” Talks? It’s basically a series of symposiums where rich people talk about things in front of other rich people. One was controversial. Nick Hanauer, a venture capitalist and founding investor in Amazon, said that business people weren’t really job creators – consumers are.

If people want a commodity, that demand gives rise to creating a chain of supply. Executives and venture capitalists, in essence, have their jobs created by the demand.

TED’s executives buried the footage, which is now available on YouTube. Apparently they didn’t want to bruise executive egos.

He had a point. Taco Bell just proved it. Ever hear of those “Doritos Locos” tacos, where they use Doritos chips to create a taco shell? According to the Daily Mail, they’ve proven so popular that it’s added 15,000 jobs to Taco Bell payrolls.

Over 300 million taco fans can’t be wrong

Granted, Taco Bell doesn’t say exactly HOW 15,000 jobs were added by Doritos Locos. It does seem slightly ridiculous – is that 15,000 more people making the stuff for them? Does it include truckers, restaurant staff?

That aside, the tasty treats were a smashing success. After test runs in limited locations went well, Taco Bell rolled them out nationwide. Over 2012, 375 million were sold and that many taco fans can’t be wrong. It accounted, according to the Christian Science Monitor, for almost a quarter of Taco Bell’s taco sales.

Released last year with a shell made from Doritos’ “Nacho Cheese” flavor chips, the next iteration was  released on March 7, according to the Los Angeles Times, with Doritos “Cool Ranch” flavor. Perhaps the Cool Ranch Doritos Locos will be just as big a hit. Doritos Locos also won’t break one’s personal bank; unit price are under $2 per. It’s also a good choice if one is watching their calories. The Nacho variety packs 160 calories and 10 grams of fat; the Cool Ranch has 140 cal and 7 g.

Apparently a big deal

Lord knows why Doritos Locos are such a big deal. It’s just a taco for crying out loud. However, the interwebs and social networks are going absolutely insane over it. Same thing with the McRib; it’s practically pork gelatin slathered in barbecue sauce on a terrible bun. Are we this bored as a culture that THIS is what it’s come down to?

Maybe this wonderful modern age IS that dull.


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