Cruise ship fees just as bad as airlines

Cruise ship

One might think to escape airline and hotel fees by taking a cruise, but cruise ship fees are lying in wait. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Airline fees are a hassle and as a result, some people wonder about different types of vacation, like a cruise. It won’t save anyone from being nickel and dimed, as cruise ship fees are just as numerous, lying in wait to ambush one’s wallet.

Cruise ship fees shall charge us on the beaches, shall charge us on the seas

Vacations are expensive. Planes and hotels are expensive to begin with and after one has bought tickets and made reservations, the fees begin. It keeps getting worse but at this point its become de rigeur to get nickel and dimed to death.

Some people might think that a different vacation method might offer respite from the endless sniping at their wallets. How about, for instance, a cruise? Instead of flying to resorts and so forth, why not ensconce in a cabin for a week while seeing the sights of the sea? It will, according to Time magazine, not save anyone money, as cruise ship fees are just as prevalent.

Just as airlines will charge for early boarding, some cruise lines, such as Carnival, will charge for early boarding, such as a $50 early boarding fee for passengers that booked a state room.

Accommodations and dining the usual suspects

Carnival Cruise Lines, according to ABC, for instance, are trialling a new fee on the Imagination and the Liberty, two of the company’s ships, called the “Faster to the Fun” fee, where customers pay an additional $49.95 for priority seating at meals for the duration to the cruise, similar to families getting charged by airlines to be seated together.

Dining is a popular source of cruise ship fees. According to Time, meals are typically included with a berth, but it’s usually at buffets rather than plated meals. Dining in restaurants aboard the ship will cost extra. According to the Chicago Tribune, eating in the premium restaurants aboard ship costs an extra $45 per person, though it’s comparable, in some cases, to what one would pay at a similar restaurant.

Beverages are another target; soda can cost upward of $2 a glass; beer and wine often goes for $5 and $8 per glass, respectively, and up. However, some cruise lines offer “all-you-can-drink” packages, such as a $50 per day fee for all the beer one can drink or all the soda one can consume for $6.50 per day.

Fees vary

Some cruise ship fees have always been present, such as charges for going to package offerings while at port. Likewise, according to Time, gratuities and tips are included in cruise ship bills and are usually an extra $11 or $12 per day added to the bill. Ordering drinks also adds a gratuity.

Just as with airlines, the fees vary from cruise line to cruise line and in the case of trial fees, ship to ship. In other words, one has to do some homework in order to know what cruise ship fees to expect and where.




Chicago Tribune

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