A colorful plate with pancakes and egg on top.

Cheap breakfast-for-dinner alternatives

A great way to save money on meals is to eat breakfast for dinner. But that doesn’t mean you’ll be spending all your shopping time in the cold cereal aisle. Here are some suggestions for cheap breakfast food that’s perfectly suitable for dinner, and tasty. Pancakes are king Here’s a savory breakfast staple that is
ai Ying Pun Second Street Island Crest BBQ meal lunch box and Coke.

How to obtain free or cheap online restaurant delivery food

Living on delivery food sounds tasty and convenient, but the truth is that it’s quite expensive. However, there are ways to obtain free delivery food, with an assist from the World Wide Web. Sites like Seamless, GrubHub and make free takeout possible. Pooling resources for the consumer Commission-based restaurant delivery websites like Seamless, GrubHub
Princess Alexandra's Wedding Cake made by Andrew Davidson in 1963.

How to save money on wedding reception food

If you’re looking to keep your upcoming wedding simple, elegant and budget-conscious, think about the food at your wedding reception. The costs of common wedding food can add up fast. If you want to save money on reception food without sacrificing quality, here are some tips for running your wedding on a budget. Provide your
A strawberry is dropped into a glass of water, sending a splash into the air.

Cheap ways to get more flavored water in your life

Organic life needs water to live, but unfortunately some human beings don’t care for the taste of the all-natural hydration beverage. This has spawned numerous products within the global beverage industry, including countless forms of expensive flavored water, whether it’s already bottled water or from an add-in flavor pouch. There are cheaper, much healthier ways
Thanksgiving dinner

Having a happy Thanksgiving on a budget

Who doesn’t love Thanksgiving? Family,  friends, the day off work and the smell of slow-roasting turkey. The food bills and the stress that comes with them — maybe it’s not all so great. But here are some simple tricks you can do to relieve that burden a bit and put the “thanks” back into Thanksgiving.
Urban garden

Doing the math on urban farming

With food costs continually going up, front-yard gardens and urban farming are again in vogue. These city gardens are often touted as a way to save money. Some enterprising farmers, however, are trying to turn backyard gardens into full-fledged, profitable farms. The argument for urban gardens For a variety of reasons, urban gardening is gaining
coffee prices

Climate change in Columbia driving US coffee prices sky high

Coffee prices are skyrocketing, and U.S. coffee lovers are starting to get the jitters. Coffee production worldwide is under stress from climate change, global coffee demand is rising and speculators are driving the price of coffee futures higher than they’ve been in more than 30 years. But the CEO of Starbucks spread some sunshine on
Community Garden

How to save money when world food prices are rising

During the past few months, world food prices have been on the rise for a variety of reasons. Oil prices are part of the reason, as increased costs of shipping food means that producers and retailers have to charge more for it. However, there are always some ways to save money. Variety of factors cause

The best and worst organic grocery buys

Organic produce can be very expensive. With recent reports showing that groceries are getting even more expensive, many are wondering whether organic produce is worth the cost. U.S. Department of Agriculture tests show that some produce is worth it and some not so much. Understanding the cost of organic There are several different organic certifications
food inflation

Global food inflation starting to hit US grocery budgets harder

Food prices in the U.S. are rising at an accelerated rate. Rising global demand is raising the price of basic agricultural commodities, which has started to affect the grocery budgets of U.S. consumers. In addition to rising demand, the rising price of oil is a root cause of food inflation, which is expected to increase
El Saharara oil field in Libya. Fire billows from a vent.

Libya needs food: The struggles of humanitarian aid

As the crisis in Libya continues, the situation grows increasingly desperate for Libyans in need of humanitarian aid. According to Al Jazeera, convoys from the World Food Program with flour and other foodstuffs have been turned back by supporters of Col. Moammar Gadhafi, leaving the lives of more than 1 million civilian refugees in disarray.
Skippy Peanut Butter

Peanut butter recall 2011 highlights danger of cutting funding

Every month, the Food and Drug administration heads up hundreds of small recalls. Many recalls go unnoticed, but the most recent peanut butter recall — 2011’s Skippy recall — is calling attention to another problem with the federal budget. Despite many safety recalls, the FDA and USDA are facing serious funding cuts. First peanut butter

Study finds sugary drinks may increase blood pressure

A recently published study has found a possible link between sugary drinks and an increase in blood pressure. The study found that patients who consumed large amounts of sugared beverages such as fruit juice and soft drinks had higher blood pressure. However, the study doesn’t rule out other dietary factors playing a part. One sugary
A Jamba Juice cup and a cupcake.

Jamba Juice may not be so healthy, says Mother Jones

Fans of Jamba Juice may not find the Feb. 28 Mother Jones report on the fast-food smoothie chain to their taste. Writer Ashley Bates dared to look behind the curtain and see that “all natural” may not be the best way to describe the tantalizingly blended fruit smoothies. According to Mother Jones, Jamba Juice smoothies

Secrets of dishes for big families can help cut food costs

Feeding a big crew can feel like a tough — and expensive — proposition. But dishes for big families can incorporate many cost-saving secrets that even small families can make  use of. Try these dishes for big families and cut your food costs. Dishes for big families – the basics The basics of cooking for
Bottle of wine.

The label on a bottle of wine — breaking it down

Options to put in your wine glass have always existed,  but in the last few years, the options seem to have been expanding. You can find thousands of dollars worth of wine in one bottle, or pick up a bottle for a few dollars at the gas station store. Sorting through the vocabulary on a
Photo of the Hotel Chelsea.

Chelsea Hotel provides a home for the Doughnut Planet

Bohemian counter-culture used to surround Manhattan’s Chelsea Hotel. The hotel used to be known for its central role in drug dealing, murders and rock ‘n’ roll music. This old hotel, though, is now home to something totally different — Doughnut Planet. Past of Chelsea Hotel Many recognize the Chelsea Hotel as a landmark. Built in