Cheap breakfast-for-dinner alternatives

A colorful plate with pancakes and egg on top.

A great way to save money on meals is to eat breakfast for dinner. But that doesn’t mean you’ll be spending all your shopping time in the cold cereal aisle. Here are some suggestions for cheap breakfast food that’s perfectly suitable for dinner, and tasty.
Pancakes are king
Here’s a savory breakfast staple that is well-suited for the dinner table. They don’t take much time to prepare and the ingredients are simple. Work with traditional sweet elements or throw fruits and vegetables into the mix.
Wrap up breakfast burritos
If you have tortillas, eggs and some vegetables, you have what you need to make […]

How to obtain free or cheap online restaurant delivery food

ai Ying Pun Second Street Island Crest BBQ meal lunch box and Coke.

Living on delivery food sounds tasty and convenient, but the truth is that it’s quite expensive. However, there are ways to obtain free delivery food, with an assist from the World Wide Web. Sites like Seamless, GrubHub and make free takeout possible.
Pooling resources for the consumer
Commission-based restaurant delivery websites like Seamless, GrubHub and their competitors serve as a convenient portal where diners can access menus, place orders and enjoy discounts. Seamless has been going strong since 1999, and the concept of online delivery has largely remained the same, including the turf war among competing sites.
[Click to apply for personal […]

How to save money on wedding reception food

Princess Alexandra's Wedding Cake made by Andrew Davidson in 1963.

If you’re looking to keep your upcoming wedding simple, elegant and budget-conscious, think about the food at your wedding reception. The costs of common wedding food can add up fast. If you want to save money on reception food without sacrificing quality, here are some tips for running your wedding on a budget.
Provide your own appetizers
Hiring a caterer to provide appetizers is a convenience, not a requirement. So long as you choose an appetizer that can be made ahead of time, then frozen, you can save as much as 50 percent on your wedding reception, versus the mark-up you’d pay […]

Cheap ways to get more flavored water in your life

A strawberry is dropped into a glass of water, sending a splash into the air.

Organic life needs water to live, but unfortunately some human beings don’t care for the taste of the all-natural hydration beverage. This has spawned numerous products within the global beverage industry, including countless forms of expensive flavored water, whether it’s already bottled water or from an add-in flavor pouch. There are cheaper, much healthier ways to flavor water than with sugar and other chemicals, however. Leave the Vitamin Water on the store shelf so you can mix-and-match with these flavored water tips.
A dash of salt
If you think you need to buy expensive, packaged water drinks so that you can replace […]

Having a happy Thanksgiving on a budget

Thanksgiving dinner

Who doesn’t love Thanksgiving? Family,  friends, the day off work and the smell of slow-roasting turkey. The food bills and the stress that comes with them — maybe it’s not all so great. But here are some simple tricks you can do to relieve that burden a bit and put the “thanks” back into Thanksgiving.
Plan early
The sooner you start and the more specific your plans are, the more money you can save. Last minute impulse shopping is always more costly because you are at the mercy of the current prices. If you start early and look for sales, you can […]

Doing the math on urban farming

Urban gardenSome enterprising individuals are turning urban gardening into urban farming -- trying to turn backyard gardens into profitable farms.

Climate change in Columbia driving US coffee prices sky high

coffee pricesHot weather and heavy rains have hurt Columbian coffee production as global demand catches up with coffee drinkers in the United States.

How to save money when world food prices are rising

Community GardenGlobal food prices are rising and will likely continue to do so. However, there are ways to save money for the do-it-yourself inclined.

The best and worst organic grocery buys

OrganicOrganic groceries are more expensive because they cost more to produce. USDA tests show that for some products it's more worth it than others.

Global food inflation starting to hit US grocery budgets harder

food inflationGlobal competition for basic agricultural commodities is increasing pressure and causing higher food prices for consumers in the United States.

Libya needs food: The struggles of humanitarian aid

El Saharara oil field in Libya. Fire billows from a vent.The crisis in Libya rages on, and refugees are finding it difficult to obtain food. The U.N. and U.S. are spearheading food delivery efforts.

Peanut butter recall 2011 highlights danger of cutting funding

Skippy Peanut ButterIn a recall expected to cost $50 million or more, peanut butter in 16 states has been recalled; it's one of hundreds of recalls each year.

Study finds sugary drinks may increase blood pressure

colaA study in England has observed a correlation between consumption of sugary drinks, like juices and soft drinks, and higher blood pressure.

Jamba Juice may not be so healthy, says Mother Jones

A Jamba Juice cup and a cupcake.Say it ain't so: Jamba Juice may no be quite as healthy as you thought, writes Ashley Bates in Mother Jones. Beware Splenda, healthy ones.

Secrets of dishes for big families can help cut food costs

FoodCreating dishes for big families is a matter of combining four basic elements. For small families, the same concept can cut down food costs.

The label on a bottle of wine — breaking it down

Bottle of wine.Basic information on wine labels can be crowded out by a lot of marketing terms. Here's a crash course in understanding the language of wine.

Chelsea Hotel provides a home for the Doughnut Planet

Photo of the Hotel Chelsea.A hotel once known for being the cradle of bohemian counter-culture is now home to a doughnut shop. This could make the building a classy place.