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Negotiating for better deals: a talent learned from the recession

A positive side effect of the recession for many Americans is learning how to negotiate for better deals. Dickering on price is ingrained in many cultures, but Americans traditionally negotiate only on cars and houses. However, tough economic times have an affect on sellers as well as buyers. Businesses in home repair, car repair and
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Tame grocery budgets with extreme couponing and other tricks

Saving money can be rigorous, but the rewards are ample. This is particularly true with your grocery budget. Tricks of the trade like “extreme couponing,” stockpiling and waiting for sales and clearance may seem like a bother at first, but the money saved and the pounds lost are worth the effort. Kathy Spencer knows how
Riverfront Park Spokane - Fun on a budget

Yes You Can Have Fun on a Budget

  If you’re looking to have fun on a budget this summer, but are burdened by a miniscule budget, consider what your community has to offer. A little creativity and a community activity guide can lead you to free fun in no time. Here are some ideas about how to have family fun without spending
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Five problems to avoid when planning a budget

Designing a well-framed budget is not an easy task. You need to have a keen sense of planning and be systematic when handling your finances. Without a proper approach, your budget planning is likely to fail. You may be faced with a list of problems while planning a budget, but if you want to have

Things that cost more in the winter months

Many things affect the price of consumer goods at any given time of the year. As the seasons change, retailers will clear out old stock to make way for the items that will be selling next month. Knowing when to buy and when to pass is a bargain-hunter’s skill, honed with experience and observation. Below
Open Enrollment

Open enrollment time for health insurance has come

Open-enrollment season is nearly over for most employer-sponsored health plans. It is the one chance for a year employees have to change their health insurance policies. If you get health insurance as a workplace benefit, it may be worth taking a close look at  your needs and your policy. And there’s no time to delay.
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Kids and cellphones: Knowing when the time is right

Many parents wrestle with whether a child should have a cellphone, and some will cave beneath the social pressure and make the purchase. If you’re a parent teetering on the edge of a cellphone buying decision, consider some advice on kids and cellphones, courtesy of the National Consumers League. Kids using cellphones: They’re getting younger