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Tame grocery budgets with extreme couponing and other tricks

Three women mock-dumpster diving for grocery store coupons.You can save a bundle with extreme coupon clipping and food stockpiling. One mother of four says she feeds her family for $10 a week.

Yes You Can Have Fun on a Budget

Riverfront Park Spokane - Fun on a budget

If you’re looking to have fun on a budget this summer, but are burdened by a miniscule budget, consider what your community has to offer. A little creativity and a community activity guide can lead you to free fun in no time. Here are some ideas about how to have family fun without spending any (or much) money.
Mining your community for gems
It’s easy to plop down major coin on entertainment. Food, activities and monthly memberships are fabulous fun, but not if you’re left with too little money to pay the bills. City tourism bureaus and chambers of commerce are great […]

Five problems to avoid when planning a budget

Smiling woman planning a budget.

Designing a well-framed budget is not an easy task. You need to have a keen sense of planning and be systematic when handling your finances. Without a proper approach, your budget planning is likely to fail. You may be faced with a list of problems while planning a budget, but if you want to have an error-free budget, you must know about the common problems in order to avoid them. To create a budget plan that’s right for you, simply learn from the problems below any you’ll be on the right track.
1. Failing to set a proper objective.
Without a clearly […]

Things that cost more in the winter months


Many things affect the price of consumer goods at any given time of the year. As the seasons change, retailers will clear out old stock to make way for the items that will be selling next month. Knowing when to buy and when to pass is a bargain-hunter’s skill, honed with experience and observation. Below are a few items we have found that traditionally are more expensive during the colder months.
Camping equipment
Logically one might assume that camping gear is cheaper during the winter, when most of us have no desire to sleep outside. The truth is, however, that you can […]

Open enrollment time for health insurance has come

Open Enrollment

Open-enrollment season is nearly over for most employer-sponsored health plans. It is the one chance for a year employees have to change their health insurance policies. If you get health insurance as a workplace benefit, it may be worth taking a close look at  your needs and your policy. And there’s no time to delay.
Coverage could change
It is natural to assume that if you do nothing you will end up with the same coverage you had this year. That may not be so, and it doesn’t hurt to check. Employers sometimes change providers or types of coverage to save costs. […]

Kids and cellphones: Knowing when the time is right

A nine-year-old boy talks on a cell phone. He's holding a Pepsi can in his other hand, and there's a red Boston Red Sox baseball cap on his head.

Many parents wrestle with whether a child should have a cellphone, and some will cave beneath the social pressure and make the purchase. If you’re a parent teetering on the edge of a cellphone buying decision, consider some advice on kids and cellphones, courtesy of the National Consumers League.
Kids using cellphones: They’re getting younger
Cellular industry experts note that approximately 75 percent of U.S. teenagers own cellphones, and the fastest-growing group of cellphone users is the demographic between ages 9 and 12, says NCL representative John Breyault.
“The age a child gets a first cellphone is getting progressively younger. Parents want to […]

Tips for staying on budget when the urge gets to be too much

Shiny pennyThere are simple things you can do to stay on budget and save when cravings to spend more than you should get to be overwhelming.

How to avoid money arguments, for couples

A man and woman are in the middle of an argument.If fighting about money defines your coupling relationship, try these strategies for how to avoid money arguments.

Making a personal budget: Know the ins and outs

A piggy bank graphic depicting all the areas consumers should consider when it comes to making a personal budget.Making and sticking to a budget requires some discipline, but once setting aside money becomes a habit, you'll have a brighter financial future.

Negotiating for better deals: a talent learned from the recession

negotiating home repairHard economic times have made consumers more determined to negotiate for better prices and businesses more willing to make better deals.

Stimulate your economy: Spend that payroll tax holiday

money to burnIf you're going to spend your payroll tax holiday, and you do it right, you could have a hand in helping turn the slow economy around ...

Ensure your happy new year with a year-end financial checklist

financial goalsBefore you pop the cork on New Year's Day, find some extra 2010 tax deductions and make your 2011 financial resolutions to have a better year.

Don’t sabotage your credit score! Make a budget and stick to it

Man using a computer and holding up a past due bill.Missed bill payments can seriously damage your credit score. Plan on how you will spend your money by creating a personal budget every time.

Create a personal budget when you get short term cash advances

Creating a personal budget to learn how you spend your money is a good way to get the most out of a payday loan. READ MORE

Can instant cash improve your NetworthIQ?

Improve your NetworthIQ with the help of instant cash.Improve your networth with tools like NetworthIQ, Mint.com and instant cash. There are helpful tools available for your needs. READ MORE>>>

3 Easy Ways to Makeover Your Apartment on a Budget

Just because you're a renter doesn't mean you have to content yourself with a cookie-cutter unit. Let's look at some easy, cheap ways to makeover your space.

Talking to Your Partner about Money

No one likes to talk about money, but it will come up in your relationship sooner or later. Here's how to handle talking to your partner about money.