Bill may allow discharge of student loans in bankruptcy

*+-Student loans are a unique type of debt because they are at least partially federally owned and cannot be discharged by bankruptcy. A bill in subcommittee hearings, however, would allow bankruptcy to clear student loans. The current status of student loans There are two types of student loans: subsidized and unsubsidized. Subsidized loans are government-supported,
Gas prices

Rising gas costs a sign of economic recovery?

*+-Some industry analysts are saying that the rising cost of gasoline is driven, at least in part, by higher demand as the U.S. recovers from the economic downturn. Others say the economy is suffering because of inflated fuel prices. Indications of economic recovery A variety of recent reports give strong indications of continued recovery in

Talking with kids about drugs easier than talking about money

*+-A new survey released by T. Rowe Price has revealed that most parents have a very tough time talking with their children about money. The survey is only of 1,008 parents and 837 kids, but the answers are revealing. Parents insecure about children’s finances For parents, talking to kids about money and finances is difficult.

Everyday charitable donations for your taxes

*+-Giving gifts to charity is a great way to assist those in need and give yourself a nice break in the form of tax deductions. There are many everyday ways to make your charitable donations count, from goods to cash. Here are a few ideas you can use for next year’s tax return. Sponsor yourself

Four new ways to try sticking to your budget

*+-Budgeting and money management is as much an art as a science. Everyone has a different method that works for them, and finding the method that works for you is an important step in taking control of your financial future. The envelope method Using the envelope method of budgeting, take cash out of your paycheck
Nicholas Cage

Spotlight on celebrity tax deadbeats

*+-Tax season is approaching with all its usual fanfare, grumbling and deadbeats. Many of those tax-dodgers will no doubt say the economy is to blame for their tax shortcomings. But what about the celebrities listed below? Surely they can afford to pay up. The red carpet is filling up with celebrity tax-cheats. Paparazzi take notice

Domestic oil production has little effect on gas prices

*+-Some people think that the panacea for high gas prices at the pump is to produce more oil here in the United States. Though it seems expedient, the fact is that domestic oil production is the highest its been in years. Myriad reasons for gas prices Many, especially political candidates on the campaign trail, espouse

Three-year degrees reduce student financial burden

*+-The economic downturn, rising tuition costs and the burden of student loans have paved the way for a more economical way of getting that all-important sheepskin. Many colleges and universities are now offering — or considering offering — fast-track three-year bachelor’s degree programs. Other colleges considering option Grace College and Seminary, Baldwin-Wallace College, American University,

When work-related expenses make a job not worth your time

*+-In a down economy, a job would seem like a precious thing. It would seem that way, if not for the fact that sometimes, having a job is more expensive than it’s worth. Following the philosophy that it “takes money to make money,” the International Council of Shopping Centers notes that scores of U.S. workers

High-yield checking accounts offer greater return than CDs

*+-When it comes to rate of return, everyone wants a higher interest rate. In the field of consumer finance, a certificate of deposit may offer the kind of safety that many casual investors crave, but available interest rates have not been high for some time. In most instances, high-yield checking accounts offer consumers more value

Can divorce affect your credit score?

*+-The finances of divorce, like everything else associated with the unhappy institution, can be tricky, complex and heart-breaking. Untangling joint accounts and obligations is essential in order to move on and become independent again. But what kind of impact, if any, does divorce have on your credit score? A mortgage by any other name A

Survey says buying is far cheaper than renting

*+-The eternal debate over whether renting is cheaper than buying continues to rage. A recent survey, by real estate company Trulia, found that buying is cheaper than renting everywhere except Honolulu and San Francisco. Annual survey finds more cities got cheaper Every year, real estate firm Trulia releases a survey that looks at typical rental
Sorcerer's Apprentice

Apprenticeships: Training without student debt

*+-Tuition prices keep going up, and if Congress doesn’t act before July, the interest rate for some federally subsidized student loans will double. The burden of student debt hinders success in the early years of many careers. But there is another way to learn a profession without diving into the debt pool. Apprenticeships are on

Four ways to reduce moving expenses

*+-Moving, be it across town or across the country, can be very expensive. There are some easy things you can do to cut down the costs of moving, especially if you plan ahead. Pack carefully The biggest cost of moving is not moving yourself; it’s moving your stuff. The more large, unwieldy or difficult to

The costs and benefits of a Homeowners Association

*+-Homeowners Associations, usually referred to as HOAs, are a hotly debated entity among home buyers. If you are planning on moving, no matter whether you are renting or buying, an HOA is important to consider. The basics of an HOA A Homeowners Association, Condo Association or Property Owners Association is generally started by the property

Postal Service offering targeted junk mail service to businesses

*+-Junk mail is at best a nuisance, whether it comes in one’s email account or mailbox. Opponents of junk mail are not likely to be happy with the Postal Service, which is soliciting more junk mail by offering mail targeting services to businesses. Hurting for cash There are few governmental entities that are as hard