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Dealing with debt after a death


The debt individuals leave behind when they pass away can be a difficult issue for friends and family. There is a specific process for sorting out the debts a person owes, but many creditors try to bypass the process.
The status of debt
Debt is an individual financial responsibility. When a person dies, the responsibility for that debt stays with that individual’s estate. If a debt is shared, with co-signers, co-applicants or a married couple in one of the nine community property states, then the co-debtor is responsible for that debt. No matter what creditors tell friends or family, any debt that […]

Zero job growth in August affects workers and the unemployed

Job seekers

No new jobs were added to the U.S. economy in August. Unemployment figures have stalled at 9.1 percent as the nation’s economic recovery remains stagnant. Not only does this bode poorly for those seeking work, it negatively affects the employed as well.
First time since World War II
The Bureau of Labor Statistics Friday reported the worst numbers in 11 months, and the first month of zero job growth since World War II.
Part of the weak showing can be attributed to the 45,000 striking Verizon workers, but the big picture is still very bleak. Small job gains in June and July and […]

TripAdvisor under fire; accused of posting fake reviews

The TripAdvisor logo owl mascot gives a woman a hug.

Consumers may want to think twice before funneling their hard-earned dollars into travel and restaurant destinations suggested by TripAdvisor, reports The Telegraph. The travel review website is being investigated by the Advertising Standards Authority after a flood of complaints. Thousands of hotels and restaurants claim that TripAdvisor’s reviews are either fake or unnecessarily defamatory.
TripAdvisor fake reviews harm online reputation
One of the reasons TripAdvisor has become as popular as it is – the site boasts more than 50 million reviews – is that it features user-generated content almost exclusively. People travel or frequent restaurants, then write about their experience and give […]

Death penalty too expensive for some of the United States

Graffiti artist's rendition of the Monopoly Man in a Venice Beach, Calif., street painting entitled “Money.”

According a 2008 study by the Death Penalty Information Center, California spends $137 million per year on capital punishment cases, whereas life without parole would cost only $11.5 million. On average nationwide, it costs two to three times more for a death penalty case. The writing is on the wall, writes FOX News: The death penalty is too expensive for the cash-strapped United States.
Dropping out of the death penalty industry
A shaky U.S. economy has forced lawmakers to make some tough decisions regarding the use of capital punishment.
“It is a big deal for county budgets,” said Dan Satterberg, King County (Wash.) […]

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month

Life Insurance

The number of Americans with life insurance coverage has reached its lowest point in 50 years. It’s hard to think about future needs when many of us are struggling to make ends meet today. The non-profit Life Insurance Foundation for Education (LIFE) is sponsoring Life Insurance Awareness Month this September to bring awareness to the need to protect our loved ones in the unfortunate event of a sudden death.
About LIFE
The LIFE foundation was founded in 1994 to educate the public on life, health, disability and long-term care insurance. Life Insurance Awareness Month began in 2004 and has been an annual […]