Close-up of a sticker bearing the Facebook logo.

Facebook foreclosures may soon reach US

When it comes to Facebook, people expect pokes, polls and pictures. But for those facing foreclosure, Facebook users may soon be receiving notice by online social network. According to Time magazine, the “Facebook foreclosure” is coming soon to a financially depressed neighborhood near you. Facebook foreclosure began in Australia In 2008, an Australian court ordered

Beware of timeshare scams promising easy sales

Owning a timeshare can be a blessing or a burden, depending on the point of view of the person involved. Though many companies involved in the timeshare industry are perfectly reputable, there are a fair number of bad apples, so people should be careful who they deal with. Structures vary from company to company Buying
IRS bricks

IRS offers open house for those facing tax lien

Many Americans are bogged down with liens from past due taxes. New collection policies give delinquent taxpayers a way to get out from under their liens. The IRS will be holding open houses around the country Saturday to answer questions and help those with tax lien issues. A tax lien can be devastating When the
A smiling female baby in a pink outfit rests on a pillow, eyes closed.

How to save money on baby items

According to a survey commissioned by Redbook and Visa, 76 percent of soon-to-be parents say they feel confident that they’re financially ready for a baby. Yet any experienced parent knows one can never be fully prepared for the expenses of parenthood. That’s why understanding how to save on baby items is important. Budgeting for baby:

Recession does not hurt wedding industry

The recession of the past few years has brought about stories of people putting things off like having children or buying homes until economic conditions are right. Regardless of the fact that many people are tightening their belts, the wedding industry is still going strong. Trip down the aisle still draws out the checkbook There
National debt clock

US credit rating will fall if debt ceiling is not raised

The United States risks losing its triple-A credit rating if it fails to raise the debt ceiling and defaults on national obligations. A downgrade in rating will cause a ripple in the economy that will affect the average citizen. Moody’s warns of a possible downgrade Moody’s Investors Service, the largest of the “big three” credit
Close-up of the foreboding sign in front of a foreclosure property.

How to finance a foreclosure property

Foreclosure rates remain astronomical and tragedy continues to hit families across the U.S. Yet one man’s tragedy can be an innocent investor’s opportunity. If you’re looking to snag an affordable home for cheap, learn how to finance a foreclosure property. Foreclosures and REOs await Thankfully, financing foreclosures and Real Estate Owned (REO) is an option
A chewed-up Netflix DVD mailer envelope.

Surviving the Netflix price increase

The recent 60 percent Netflix price increase has fans of the online streaming and DVDs by mail service up in arms, as the “Dear Netflix” Facebook page proves. For those who depend upon Netflix as the cornerstone of their personal entertainment routines, some tough budgeting decisions are coming. With just a bit of analysis, it’s

Homeowners associations losing money and initiating foreclosures

Many people across the country live in neighborhoods governed by a homeowners association, a group that sets rules for living in an area. HOAs, as they are called, serve an essential purpose in many ways, but homeowners’ groups are coming under fire for ridiculous rules and foreclosing on residents. Formerly booming homeowner boards losing money
cell phone and computer

Americans won’t give up technology to save money

According to a new poll, technology is the one luxury people are not willing to forgo in order to save money in the recession. Cell phones and Internet services are the new necessities in our modern age. ‘The last thing I would give up’ The National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) hosts a monthly Financial

Recession makes stocks rise in some industries

As the recession continues, stock is rising in industries that profit from hard times. Pawn brokers, payday lenders, debt collectors and discount stores are more profitable than ever. Brokers are recommending buying stock in these sorts of companies rather than traditionally higher-end investments. Recession continues as employment falls The unemployment rate rose to 9.2 percent

Ways for bookworms to save money on summer reading

Everyone knows at least one committed bookworm, a person who loves to read and devours books at a frantic pace. Purchasing books new at stores can be incredibly expensive, but there are plenty of ways readers can save cash on feeding their habit. Free books The first leg on a quest to satisfy an appetite
Close-up of the logo on a VISA credit card.

How to find the best credit card

If you pay for everything in cash, learning how to find the best credit card may not be for you. However, if you plan to use credit cards responsibly and pay them off each month, choosing the right credit card is important. Save cash with these helpful hints. No credit card is perfect Imagine a
Walamrt in China

Walmart combats lower sales with coupons and samples

Walmart, the world’s leading box store, has been steadily losing customers in the United States. To lure shopper back, the store is using heavy coupon promotions and free samples on its website. US sales on the decline Though it is the largest retailer worldwide, Walmart’s revenue has been on the decline in the U.S. for

USDA announces cost of raising a child is growing up

The U.S. Department of Agriculture recently released its annual report on the cost of raising a child, and the agency found that kids are getting more expensive. It was found that the cost of raising one child to age 18 has risen by more than $40,000 after adjusting for inflation. Pitter patter of little feet
A young boy enjoys being sprayed by a lawn sprinkler on a summer's day.

How to have fun and save money

If you’re looking for summer fun but burdened by a miniscule budget, consider what your community has to offer. A little creativity and a community activity guide can lead you to free fun in no time. Here are some ideas about how to have family fun without spending any (or much) money. Mining your community

Automatic 401(k) enrollment plans less effective than opt-in

A survey recently found that laws allowing employers to automatically enroll employees in 401(k) plans don’t work as well as was hoped. When workers automatically contribute to a retirement plan unless they opt out, they will often put in less than they would if they chose to start a plan. Automatic contributions fall short of