Monthly Archives: June 2011

FTC sues another get rich quick infomercial company sued

The Federal Trade Commission has slapped a company promising people they can "get rich quick" through real estate, with fraud suit.

Credit unions enter the payday loan business

Credit union signMany credit unions are now offering short term, high interest loans similar to payday loans, and the practice is getting mixed reactions.

Economists: US is still in a growth recession

An unemployed (or underemployed) father begging for diaper money.The United States isn't out of the woods, argue economists. Plenty of signs point to the fact that growth recession is still going strong.

Nearly 60 percent of parents help support adult children

Dad pays the billsNearly 60 percent of U.S. parents are continuing to help support their adult children who are not in school, according to a new survey. about bad service with a free app

A sample screen from the mobile app.Consumers who want to make a difference with complaints against bad service can all they want with a new free mobile app.

Little extras equal billions for airlines

airline baggageA newly released report says that baggage fees and other non-transportation charges add up to billions yearly for the airline industry.

Debt relief and consolidation scams still rampant post-recession

As the number of debt relief or debt settlement companies has grown in the past few years, many companies have proven to be outright scams.