FTC sues another get rich quick infomercial company sued

The Federal Trade Commission is suing the makers of a late night “get rich quick” infomercial. The company behind the “Winning in the Cash Flow Business” series of infomercials has been sued by the FTC for defrauding consumers. If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Promissory notes promised nothing but losses
Credit union sign

Credit unions enter the payday loan business

Credit Unions, which are generally considered more trustworthy than traditional banks, are more and more frequently offering short term loans that rival payday loans in many aspects. This change comes in response to new federal guidelines. Many analysts find this trend disturbing, while others see it as offering credit union members more options. Many find
An unemployed (or underemployed) father begging for diaper money.

Economists: US is still in a growth recession

Think it’s time to celebrate economic recovery? Don’t get cocky, suggests Investor’s Business Daily. In this job-starved economy, we’re already living a kind of double-dip recession that economists call a growth recession. What’s a growth recession? When economic growth is so low that it creates net unemployment, that’s growth recession. Growth recession can also suggest
Dad pays the bills

Nearly 60 percent of parents help support adult children

A new study shows that 59 percent of parents are still providing financial support to their adult children who are not students. The study suggests that the recession is preventing them from leaving home. In some cases, it is forcing those who have left to move back — so called “boomerang kids.” The study, called
A sample screen from the Gri.pe mobile app.

Gri.pe about bad service with a free app

Some consumers who have bad experiences with corporations feel inspired to warn other consumers via the Better Business Bureau that something’s amiss. However, dealing with the bureaucratic speed of an organization like the BBB isn’t necessarily the most efficient way to handle a problem, particularly in this age of online social media. That’s when Gri.pe,
airline baggage

Little extras equal billions for airlines

The baggage fees and the other little extras charged by modern airlines can be expensive and annoying for the traveler. But they are gravy for the airlines. A new report suggests they add up to billions for the industry. New report adds up the extras A newly released report, the Amadeus Review of Ancillary Revenue

Debt relief and consolidation scams still rampant post-recession

Over the past few years, some may have noticed a greater number of advertisements and other media relating to debt relief or debt settlement companies. Though many of these companies are legit, there are a number that are scams. Despite increased regulations, there are still a lot of fraudulent debt relief companies out there. Crooks