Monthly Archives: March 2011

Good news bad news for consumers as AT&T bids to buy T-mobile

AT&T logoAT&T has made a $39 billion bid to purchase T-Mobile. If the DOJ and FCC agree, it would create the largest wireless company in the United States.

Same day loan industry stands against rogue debt collectors

The Community Financial Services Association of America logo.The Community Financial Services Association of America, which represents U.S. personal lenders, stands against aggressive collection practices.

Bridge Loan basics: Financing short-term obligations

BridgeA bridge loan is used most often to fill the gap of financing between purchasing houses, but people are finding other ways to use them now.

Wisconsin judge blocks anti-collective bargaining bill

An image of Wisconsin on a map. The state is a raised fist, and the word “Solidarity” hovers above.In a minor victory for the working class, the Wisconsin anti-collective bargaining law has been temporarily blocked by a Dane County judge.

FTC fines company $250,000 for sock puppet reviews

GuitarThe FTC has charged Legacy Learning $250,000 for creating fake online reviews; this shows how you purchase online is as important as where.

JP Morgan Chase introduces $5 ATM transaction fees

A JP Morgan Chase high-rise office buildingJP Morgan Chase is leading the charge to raise non-customer ATM fees. The bank has introduced a whopping $5 non-customer fee.

Reduce your homeowners insurance premiums with these credits

A miniature model home is on fire.Lower your homeowners insurance premium with these hidden homeowners insurance credits.

Lawmakers seek to curb spate of debt collection arrest warrants

debtors prisonAs the debt collection industry booms, debt collection arrest warrants are interfering with pursuit of serious crimes in some states.

Visa creating a person-to-person payment system

Square Card ReaderCalling cash "inefficient," Visa has announced a new P2P payment system that will compete with PayPal and start-ups like Square.

Congress looking to reign in financial protection bureau

Elizabeth WarrenCongress is looking to curtail the reach of the Consumer Financial Protection Agency, as some legislators believe it has too much power.

Illinois payday lender sues, calling reforms unconstitutional

A law stamped “Unconstitutional” in large letters.Illinois Lending Corp. is suing so that a provision within the Illinois Payday Loan Reform Act can be blocked. It's a Constitution argument.

Tibetan Mastiff breaks record as most expensive dog in the world

worlds most expensive dogPrices for Tibetan Mastiffs have risen 500 percent in the last few years as China's super-rich seek the breed as the ultimate status symbol.

Meltdown in Japan and budget cuts endanger cheaper electricity

Nuclear plantNuclear power is a great way to get cheaper electricity, and new plants are unlikely because of the crisis in Japan and U.S. budget cuts.

March Madness: the NCAA billion-dollar money-making machine

a college basketball player going in for a layupThe NCAA tournament each year generates billions of dollars in broadcast rights, advertising revenue and betting on games in office pools.

UK adds to basket of goods used to calculate Consumer Price Index

Market BasketThe United States adjusts the Consumer Price Index every few years, but the U.K. has already updated its basket to include smartphone apps.

Learn how to avoid Japan aid scams

A scene of destruction from the Japan tsunami of early 2011.Scammers often try to exploit charitable people. Avoid Japan aid scams with tips from Consumer Reports and the Better Business Bureau.

High gas prices may spur more people to use public transportation

The BusA new study asserts that if the cost of gas hits $4 a gallon, more people are going to start using public transportation to save money.