Disney carousel death one of three major injuries in 4th quarter

Disney carousel death

A carousel at Walt Disney World has led to one major injury and one death in three months. Image: Flickr / jeffchristiansen / CC-BY-SA

As a part of their quarterly injury report, Disney has reported a carousel death. The Disney carousel death was one of three major injuries at the park in October, November and December. All three injuries were to park visitors over the age of 71.

Disney carousel death due to heart condition

In December 2010, a 76-year-old woman rode the Prince Charming carousel. She reportedly exited the ride, collapsed and died. The grandmother apparently had a pre-existing heart condition which was exacerbated by the carousel. There are warnings posted at the park and at the Prince Charming Regal Carousel stating that individuals with heart conditions should not ride, even though it is one of the tamest rides at the park.

Other injuries before Disney carousel death

The 76-year-old’s death at the Disney World Theme Park was just one of three major injuries in the last quarter of 2010. A 76-year-old woman fell from a moving platform and injured her leg, and a 71-year-old woman broke both her hip and shoulder after riding the Prince Charming Regal Carousel. The park does not have specific age requirements or limitations that prevent elderly individuals from getting on the rides.

Disney carousel death reported as part of safety deal

The state of Florida does not specifically inspect or regulate the rides at major theme parks in and around Orlando. Instead, the theme parks each submit quarterly reports to the state outlining the injuries that happen at their parks. In the same time period that the Disney carousel death happened, the other major theme parks reported no injuries to guests. Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, where the Prince Charming Regal Carousel is, averages about 5 million visitors per three-month period. That means that Walt Disney World averaged a .000059 percent injury rate, including the carousel death.


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  • Rulver

    They should rename it the "Saftest place on Earth"…. I supect worsst odds walking the streets or taking publich transit in NY, SF or Chicago.

  • Lance

    We fight for the freedom of choice in this country, then we use it, then we blame it on someone else when it goes awry. When I am 76, if I die on a Carousel due to a heart attack, bless me don't blame the poor folks that own it. Disney, keep being the most wonderful place on Earth, allow people the freedom of choice. The the Grandmother's family, i am sorry for your loss.

  • MOmom

    I agree 100% with minnesotamom. Why does everyone else have to suffer because one person made a bad decision. If she couldn't handle the carousal then she probably could have just as easily suffered a heart attack at the Mickeys Philharmonic 3D show or It's Tough to be a Bug 3D show. Know your own limitations and quit trying to blame or punish everyone else. Accidents happen people! However, I do feel terrible for the family. Visiting WDW with Grandparents is suppose to be a happy occassion for children not devastating. My children have been to WDW with their Grandparents numerous time, I can't imagine the pain and sorrow of losing a loved one is such a happy place. My sympathies and prayers to the family.

  • Rhenquest

    I was hoping for a good Jurassic Park quote here: "But John, when the Pirattes of the Caribbean ride malfunctioned, they didn't jump up and try to eat the tourists."

  • Frank

    Beside the fact that, as Fletcher says above, we would see lawsuits galore were Disney to try and set up age limits at their parks, have we become so used to somebody, ei. the government or someotherwise expert, making our choices for us, to the point where we sue or complain when they don't? Not only that, in view of Disney's safety record, I'm not sure that there's any organization on earth, besides a cemetery, that can compete with it! In addition, although this good lady's untimely death is a tragedy, there are worse places and circumstances to go in than with a smile on your face at Disney, no?

  • haystack

    Each person and their health conditions are unique to them. They need to take personal responsibilty for themselves and what they can handle. It should not be up to the park to "allow" or "not allow" riders when they reach a certain age. I know many people within their seventies that should absolutely not ride most of Disney's attraction rides. While my own mother being 73 has taken in these same rides and enjoyed them all. Common sense should not be replaced by a sign posting restrictions.

  • Twocapes

    Not everyone is aware of "hidden" health problems. I once worked in a doctor's office and a supposedly healthy 67-year-old died in the waiting room – looked like she was asleep in the chair. No jokes about long waits in doctor's offices – this doc ran on time!!

  • Marty

    Sometimes people die. It's sad, yes. She could have been at Denny's eating their Grand Slam breakfast.

  • minnesotamom

    At the age of 70, my mother rode every thrill ride that Disney World had to offer, including Tower of Terror, Rockin' Rollercoaster, Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, etc. Not every elderly person needs to avoid theme park rides, but the ones with heart conditions or other health problems should use common sense and avoid the rides that will aggravate their health issues. Disney is not responsible for this woman's death.

  • fletcher

    A Disney worker cleaning the carousel in Disneyland was goofing around and was impaled years ago.

  • Gonzalo Gonzalez

    There should be a limited age requirment as there are some age limitations for younger kids also their should be age limitations for older people as must of them suffer from one or more coditions.

    • Jay

      Then we would have discrimination lawsuits. You cant win in this country.

    • onetimer

      Young kids can't reason, adults can and thats why their are limits for younger kids. When are people going to start taking responsibility for their own actions. If you are 71 years old with a heart condition and are not smart enough to know your own limits why should the park be responsible? They are not babysitters for adults. This is the problem with this country as it is always someone else's fault.

    • cheapster

      they can drive there onlt to die on the tamest ride in the park

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