California short term business loans are drying up

*+-The San Diego Business Journal reports that the California Reinvestment Coalition has released a new report that fails to paint a rosy picture when it comes to California short term business loans. The report, entitled “Small Business Access to Credit,” points out that total number of small business loans issued in the state fell 63

More people are getting bank loans and buying houses

*+-The number of people getting bank loans for houses is increasing. Existing home sales crept up over November for the third increase in four months. However, sales are far below the levels that were seen last year. More homes being sold and bank loans taken out for purchases The housing market is still struggling to

WTF? CIA launches WikiLeaks Task Force to assess Cablegate

*+-The CIA announced the formation of the WikiLeaks Task Force (WTF) Wednesday. The WTF was formed by the CIA to figure out how Cablegate and other WikiLeaks releases will impact its ability to function. Meanwhile, WikiLeaks continued to dribble out leaks from more than 251,000 diplomatic cables stolen from the State Department. WikiLeaks Task Force

Musty odors prompt Lipitor recall expansion

*+-ABC News reports that Pfizer, the drug manufacturer that makes the cholesterol-lowering pill Lipitor, has expanded the recent Lipitor recall. An unspecified lot of 19,000 bottles of 40 mg Lipitor pills has been recalled due to reports of a “musty odor.” This Lipitor recall expansion brings the total number of Lipitor bottles pulled from the

Maryland avoids higher taxes by paying back unemployment loan

*+-The long-term costs of unemployment on state and federal government reserves are adding up. For 60 percent of states, unemployment trust fund reserves have simply run out. The state of Maryland has paid back their federal loan, which will save the state millions of dollars. Maryland unemployment loan In order to keep paying out unemployment

James Clapper hung out to dry in interview with Diane Sawyer

*+-The Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, recently had a disastrous interview with Diane Sawyer on national television. Clapper didn’t know about a foiled London terrorist plot, and came off as an ignorant buffoon. It was later confirmed that he had not been briefed. Disastrous Diane Sawyer for James Clapper A recent interview was broadcast

Top Tech Gifts for the 2010 holidays | Your five best bets

*+-Tech gifts have always been popular,  for good reason. Top tech gifts are usually something that someone won’t buy for themselves or at least put off the purchase of. The top tech gifts for the 2010 holidays cover a wide price range and many of the people on your gift list. Point-and-shoot cameras Even though

Incidents of attempted loan fraud skyrocket during credit crunch

*+-An epidemic of attempted mortgage loan fraud is sweeping the country as the credit crunch lingers on. Consumers should be aware of what constitutes loan fraud to avoid committing it. Penalties for mortgage loan fraud include jail time and hefty fines. Attempted mortgage loan fraud jumps 57 percent Attempted loan fraud skyrocketed to nearly 60

False foreclosures: More great news for homeowners

*+-According to most insiders who are willing to share their opinion, home foreclosures have been handled in a sloppy, haphazard fashion by banks. Mortgage loan modifications have been assured, yet many of the same homeowners who received such promises have been foreclosed upon. According to the New York Times, a new thorn has emerged: false

New Year good luck food | 7 things to eat for good luck

*+-The New Year is a time to invite good luck to start out the year well. Good luck foods for New Year celebrations are a tradition around the world. Foods to eat for good luck may have social, historical, or religious significance — but blending traditions for your good luck feast could make for a

Confederate gunboat C.S.S. Peedee discovered in S.C. river

*+-Civil War buffs have reason to cheer, reports WISTV in South Carolina. A recent archaeological excavation by the University of South Carolina has uncovered the wreck of the C.S.S. Peedee in an area of the Great Pee Dee River located in the northeastern corner of the state. Notably, historians indicate that the Confederate gunboat was

Congress manages to pass food safety bill despite itself

*+-The food safety bill finally passed through the lame-duck Congress like a kidney stone Tuesday. An earlier parliamentary glitch in the Senate and partisan bickering in the House of Representatives put the bill’s future in doubt. But common sense prevailed, and now the Food and Drug Administration has new powers to protect the nation from

New START treaty close to final vote in Senate

*+-The new START treaty, or Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, has been approved to be voted on by the Senate. The Senate had seemed to stall on passing the treaty, which reduces American and Russian nuclear arsenals. The START treaty vote was incredibly close. Senate barely ratifies new START treaty The U.S. Senate has passed a

American Airlines may be cutting ties with Orbitz to cut prices

*+-Update: American Airlines pulls fares from Orbitz on 12-22-10. In a ruling issued on Tuesday, a judge blocked Orbitz’s restraining order against American Airlines. American wants to block Orbitz from selling tickets on its airline. American claims this move will help them cut costs; consumer advocates question the results of this action. American Airlines wants

How to get the house you want with a mortgage loan you can afford

*+-You don’t need a stellar credit score and a large down payment to buy a house. By gaining some knowledge about how mortgage lending works, you can make decisions and take actions that result in a good deal. Here are some basic guidelines on how to get the house you want at a price you

Debt settlement relief companies ignoring memo from government

*+-In the last few years, there has been a growing number of debt settlement relief companies offering to get people out debt. Some of these companies are on the level, but many are not and the government put rules in place to prevent dishonest practices. Many of these companies have not gotten the memo. Debt