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California short term business loans are drying up

Interior shot of a Bank of America branch.The picture for small business isn't good, says a California Reinvestment Coalition study. San Diego small business needs credit to flow.

More people are getting bank loans and buying houses

For SaleHome sales crept up in November, as more people got bank loans and bought houses. However, sales are still way down from levels of a year ago.

WTF? CIA launches WikiLeaks Task Force to assess Cablegate

wtf ciaThe WikiLeaks Task Force, known at the agency as WTF, seeks to assess the impact of Cablegate on intel operations ...

Musty odors prompt Lipitor recall expansion

Shot of a box of Lipitor pills.Pfizer has expanded its Lipitor recall due to reports of a musty odor potentially linked to use of a wood preservative.

Maryland avoids higher taxes by paying back unemployment loan

UnemploymentMaryland is one of just a few states that is going to avoid paying the federal government billions in interest on short-term loans.

James Clapper hung out to dry in interview with Diane Sawyer

James ClapperJames Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, wasn't told about 12 terrorists arrested in England before a Diane Sawyer interview.

Top Tech Gifts for the 2010 holidays | Your five best bets

Kindle E-ReaderChoosing a tech gift, if you're a "technology person" or not, can be tough. Here are your five best options for the 2010 holidays.

Incidents of attempted loan fraud skyrocket during credit crunch

first person fraudAttempted fraud on mortgage loan applications soared in 2010 as more desperate borrowers fudge on credit and employment histories...

False foreclosures: More great news for homeowners

Close-up of the door to a home. The door is cracked, as if it had been kicked open.Incidents involving false foreclosures are on the rise in the U.S., where the foreclosure process is now choked by inefficiency and fraud.

New Year good luck food | 7 things to eat for good luck

KaleWhen the New Year comes around, you can make quite the feast from eating foods that supposedly provide good luck. Here are 7 good luck foods for New Year.

Confederate gunboat C.S.S. Peedee discovered in S.C. river

Navy Historical Center -- In this Matthew Brady photograph, a nine-inch Dahlgren gun on a slide-pivot mounting is seen in operation aboard a U.S. Navy warship during the Civil War. A similar gun, originally mounted on the famous Confederate ironclad CSS Virginia, was recently loaned to the Fredericksburg Area Museum, Fredericksburg, Va., for a three-year exhibit. On March 9, 1862, CSS Virginia battled the Union ironclad USS Monitor in the famous Battle of Hampton Roads, an action in which the two ships fought to a virtual draw and revolutionized sea warfare.Archaeologists from the University of South Carolina have discovered the wreck of the C.S.S. Peedee, a Confederate gunship.

Congress manages to pass food safety bill despite itself

foodborne illnessThe food safety bill changes the FDA's mission from reacting to food borne illness to preventing tainted food ...

New START treaty close to final vote in Senate

John KerryThe Senate has passed a cloture motion, killing debate on the new START treaty. The treaty could be passed before the Christmas recess.

American Airlines may be cutting ties with Orbitz to cut prices

American AirlinesAmerican Airlines is looking to cut costs, and that may mean cutting Orbitz and other comparison sites off their list of ticket dealers.

How to get the house you want with a mortgage loan you can afford

good credit scoreGetting an affordable mortgage doesn't have to involve good credit scores, high down payments and 30-year terms ...

Debt settlement relief companies ignoring memo from government

CoinsDebt settlement relief companies have been growing in number, but not all of them deliver. Many charge enormous fees for doing no work.