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Ever wonder what kind of person climbs 100 feet in the air to trim the tree in your yard? Dayne’s Tree Care in Spokane, Washington, is owned and operated by Dayne Klündt. He grew up in the tree business. Even when very young you could often find him on job sites with his father Terry Klündt. With the economy the way it has been, it’s a hard business to be in, and it takes tough, honest, people to run a tree service.

History of tree trimming service

Tree trimming is often a generational carrier choice. Dayne’s father started working with a tree company in 1979 and by 1980 was a professional, experienced, state-licensed climber. He worked for the main Utility Company in Grass Valley, California, for more than 10 years before moving up to the Idaho/Washington area in 1984. There, he worked with some very well known tree companies, and before he knew it he was making a reputable name for himself. This was when Dayne was just 3 months old.

Dayne is a tree climber

Dayne quickly came to realize that he had the same love his father had for trees and wanted to be a climber just like him when he grew up, and that is exactly what he is doing. Dayne moved to Spokane in 2005 and started working for his dad’s business, Terry’s Tree Service. Dayne also worked with his dad in California for four years. Terry was able to buy Spokane Tree Service in February of 2007, and at this time Dayne was already following closely in his dad’s footsteps and was running a crew, climbing and doing all phases of tree care.

Dayne continues on despite hardship

Sadly, Terry Lee Klündt passed away in September of 2007. He was one of the best tree climbers in the area and he was able to pass on what he knew to Dayne Klündt. Although it was hard to go on without his dad, Dayne is succeeding and proud to remain in the tree profession. Even though Dayne does not operate as Spokane Tree Service he chooses to remain in the trade and decided to carry on under the new name of Dayne’s Tree Care.

Safety and tree health are top priority

Dayne works cautiously, and safety is the number one priority on his list. He will do all he can to save a tree if it can be done, as he is not in the business to only remove them but to keep them beautiful and healthy, too. Dayne does not need to use gaffs for climbing, which can harm trees, and therefore his work is healthier for the trees that he trims. After viewing your trees’ needs he can offer some accurate advice as to how best to save your tree or remove it as a last resort.

Some Services Offered By Dayne’s Tree Care

Dayne’s Tree Care offers free estimates and quality work. He is honest, dependable and will do a great job on any tree care job you would hire him to do. His rates are reasonable and fair. Dayne is licensed and bonded. Some of the services Dayne’s Tree Care offers in Spokane and surrounding areas are: trimming, shaping, pruning, cabling, stump grinding, mistletoe removal, tree removals, hazardous tree and branch removals, storm damage and 24 hour emergency service.

Word of mouth is Dayne’s best advertising

Dayne has many satisfied customers and references that can be supplied on request. So, no matter how big or small your tree care needs are remember the name, Dayne’s Tree Care and Dayne will come out and give you a bid for free. Next time you need any tree work done spring, winter, summer or fall, give Dayne’s Tree Care a call.

  • mark

    Dayne took down 5 trees in my yard and did a great job. I have used several tree companies over the years and have spent hours cleaning up the mess that they made. Dayne was by far the best and the most honest tree trimmer that I have ever used. I would recommend him to anyone. I don’t refer people to friends and family unless I trust them 100%. I referred Dayne to my neighbor and he was elated with his work.

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