No Pampers recall yet; Dry Max diapers under scrutiny

An infant suffering from a bout of diaper rash. Will this suffering cause a Pampers recall?

Diaper rash can be a serious issue for babies. (Photo: ThinkStock)

Proctor & Gamble is reeling, much like many other American companies during today’s stock market crash, and spirits will sag further yet if there is a Pampers recall. Parents don’t care quite as much about whether somebody on Wall Street made a typo when recording a big Proctor & Gamble trade (sending investors scrambling for emergency cash loans) as they do about whether Pampers Dry Max diapers are causing diaper rash.

A Pampers recall may be in the works

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is currently investigating Proctor & Gamble’s Pampers Dry Max Diapers. Apparently, there have been some parental complaints that Dry Max has been causing not only diaper rashes, but chemical burns around children’s pelvic areas. Pampers has dismissed the Dry Max investigation so far, claiming that “It’s one severe rash complaint for every 6 million diaper changes.” At this writing, there is no Pampers recall in effect. However, consumers who are concerned about the safety of Dry Max diapers are urged to contact the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission toll-free at (800) 638-2772.

A mom’s tale of Pampers woe

Caroline of Spartanburg, South Carolina, is one of a long list of moms who have had recent problems with Pampers diapers. She had been using Pampers for a couple of years without trouble, until her 22-month-old and 5-month-old began to show heavy rashes. After going through numerous creams and near total personality transformations in her kids (pain does that to a person), Caroline was fed up. Once the rashes took a turn for the worse and became what she describes as “huge, scabby blisters,” she discovered that many other parents had logged complaints online about Pampers diapers. Caroline returned what she had to Sam’s Club and exchanged for a different brand. Many parents took similar precautions according to the Consumer Affairs website, which leads to speculation as to whether there are scores more parents whose children are suffering under what could very easily warrant a Pampers recall.

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  • echo

    Thanks for your post, it is helpful.

  • faizagul

    it is really good work thanks for it

  • Princess

    Well pampers is the only brand of diaper I ever used. When I had my first daughter they were great. So with me having my second child I figured tat i would use the same for her. Well My daughter is just a month and she has had this terrible rash on her butt. I feel really bad because she is so young. I don't understand why P&G are not taking responsibility for this. Once i changed brands to huggies and got an ointment from the doctor her rash went away. So I am going to say it was the diapers.

  • Brenda

    What is taking so long????? People have been complaining about the horrible rashes on their infants since last spring, and still no recall. My daughter gave birth in April of 2010 and used pampers and many other types of diapers since, but settled on the pampers which seemed a better fit for her little one. She only started to use the Dry-Max variety after he started sleeping all night and was wetting through the normal type. But soon after she had him at the doctor's office with a severe red rash that almost resembled a burn. She nor the doctor attributed it to the diapers at the time, they just thought that the amonia in his urine from sleeping all night was the culprit. But she ran out of the dry-max diapers and used normals ones on him for a week and he cleared right up. But the area that had been burned by the dry-max brand peeled right off after it healed, as if he had had 1st and 2nd degree burns. What is taking so long to get these off the market before more infants are burned by whatever is in these Dry-Max diapers???????

  • Rhiannon Beckett

    I feel bad for all the children that got the horrible rash but my son is 6 months old and i am a first time mom but i have used pampers since he was born and he has had the dry max diapers on several times without getting a horrible rash. I'm not sure if i'm lucky or it doesn't effect him. I just thought I would tell someone.


  • Scotty

    OK. I remember hearing about all this hubbub when Jessi was born. My best friend told me about it and the fact that there was talk of a recall. Fast forward to 2 months later, when all the diapers people got us as gifts are starting to run out. (At least in the smaller size we need…)

    I am at the store, thinking surely they have fixed the problem, otherwise responsible retailers would have pulled the product on their own.

    Later in the evening, we put the first Pampers Drymax Swaddlers on her. Granted, she didn't immediately have the burn. (Being the oldest of 5 sibs and having changed plenty of diapers, I know what a rash looks like: this, not a rash.) No. Not until the diaper got wet against her skin. Then… Screaming like I have never seen in my baby. She is a pretty well behaved 2 month old. Stops crying if you can figure out whats wrong and fix it. Like most babies, fix the problem, baby is content.

    Anyhow, we figured out what was wrong. When we changed the diaper and found the burn. She was still screaming for another 30 minutes afterward. Luckily we had some of the old diapers laying around and some soothing ointment.

    So, one 3:30 AM trip to the 24hr Wally-world where I bought the Pampers and one exchange later, I feel much better about things.

    What shocks me is the rapidity with which she had the burn, and further, upon researching it, finding that P&G has been trying to sweep it under the rug with their considerable corporate clout.

    They will get their comeuppance. Why? Partly because I just called the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's toll free hotline as I am sure countless others have. And partly because, pardon the pun, Pampers are full of crap.

    • Tara small

      My daughter had gotten diaper rash with these dry max diapers. She never complained about the pampers cruisers when they did not have the dry max in them. She was saying that the diapers I bought recently hurt her when she got diaper rash and they were the dry max. I took all of them back and bought huggies because I did not want to chance it. So hopefully they will come back without the dry max.

  • Brittsny

    Honestly when I first heard about this problem I thought to myself, "These people are crazy… they just aren't changing diapers enough." After I had my 3rd child in February we got a sample from Pampers with three size 3 diapers. One night I decided I'd use them and those three diapers gave her the worst rash I've ever seen in all of my kids!! She would scream like crazy when I used a wipe (unscented, for sensitive skin) on her and I could tell she was very uncomfortable. I used Pampers periodically with my other two kids and had no problems whatsoever (besides leaking, not really a huge Pampers fan)…. I can't believe the damage three diapers did!!

    They really need to get their act together and issue a recall, figure out what the problem is, and change things! It's terrible what they are causing these innocent little babies to go through!!!

  • Jon Kellogg

    We tried the new Pampers on our 18 month old Daughter and she ended up getting the worst rash, both in the front and the rear, that I have ever seen. It got to the point where she was actually bleeding, and running a high fever. She couldn't walk with out crying it hurt so bad and everything we tried didn't seem to make it better. We took her to the doctors office who let us know about what was happening with the new pampers and we immediately stopped using them. She is doing much better and the rash is starting to go away. I find it hard to believe that Pampers would release a product without thuroughly testing it, but there are just too many perople experiencing issues with this diaper to be ignored. My daughter and who knows how many other children have suffered some very significant pain due to this product. Pampers needs to own up to their mistake and make this right.

  • Jessica

    My son is 13 months old and after using the dry max diapers for 2 days my son has red bumps and a bad rash on his legs where the diaper lays and started to get his area.

    • pookiesoo

      We ran out of "old" Pampers and bought a new box with "dry max"…not even two days later one of my twin two year old boys got a severe "chemical-like" burn/rash all over his pelvic area and inside of his thighs near the leg elastic. The "rash" was causing very red, large, swollen areas and severe pain (he has had a diaper rash before but this was the first time he actually started walking funny, squatting and saying that his "peepee hurts"). I was so distraught and started crying when I realized that something I had put on my son had caused so much pain. I just hope Pampers takes that product off the shelves and goes back to their "old" version of diapers!! They have lost one more customer, along with all my friends that I have passed this info onto!

  • justin

    its kinda ironic i say… we started my son on "regular" pampers and other diapers, we ran out., we recieved new diapers from someone, not ever hearing of this. He began a very nasty rash on his bum. I looked at the pack after watching and reading about this issue, and GUESS WHAT! DRY-MAX! darn it anyhow. we as parents try SOOOO hard to protect our babies from lots of things. and now we have to worry about a what the "pros" are putting on the shelves. Consumer be aware, DO NOT BY THESE! EVER!! i have told all my friends who have babies. shame on pampers for neglegence. a class action suit is not far from forming. it can be proved that these are causing MAJOR problems. cloth and better diapers, here i come.

  • Samantha

    It’s ridiculous that they HAVEN’T been recalled yet. But I guess a recall would be an admission of guilt on their part and they wouldn’t want that. We need to take a stand and let them know we won’t tolerate this.

  • lisa

    My son got a horrible rash after three diapers!!! Has never had rash before!!! He screamed when he used the bathroom it hurt so bad!! I tested a diaper with drymax on my leg and i started getting an itchy rash!!! ENOUGH!!! pain for these babies!!!

  • Liz

    OK, I won't go so far as to accuse Pampers w/DryMax of causing my daughter's diaper rash (which was only red & sore, defying all creams & washing) but it sure as heck didn't clear it up! (They were the only diapers in her size that my warehouse club's store had … between the scent that gave me headaches & her rash, I would be hard-pressed to re-buy.)

    We're on day 4 of switching to another brand and her rash is pretty much gone.

    Again, I'm not blaming DryMax, but the coincidence is a bit more than I can handle, so we won't be buying Pampers again.

  • Sarah

    We mostly cloth diaper too, but I picked up a package of these since we use disposables when we have a babysitter or if I don't get laundry done in time, and my son got a HORRIBLE rash and he NEVER has had a diaper rash before. It's like a blister, I feel so bad for him. Stupid pampers.

  • Vanessa

    The rashes & burns r completely real!! My baby girl doesn't want to urinate because it burns & literally stands there holding herself & cries because she is In pain. She's been walking funny or not at all! This is sad that P&G is trying to protect themselves instead of considering that this could be factual!  & I do change my baby often. She's 1 1/2 & has only had 1 (antibiotic induced) rash in her life! So it's not my problem, but theirs!!  (& I have changed brands in an effort to find one that will work. Moms BEWARE!!

  • Dawn

    Pampers are awful. My oldest child is almost 10 now. When she was a baby I used Pampers rash guard. She broke out in a severe rash from only a very short period of use! It was painful for her and me to see her like that. I would never recommend Pampers! I used Huggies for my younger two.

  • Natalie

    Yikes! Scary! I don't think I've ever used Pampers, since we mainly cloth diaper with Fuzzi Bunz, and use the generic store brand whenever we use disposable diapers, but I will definitely remember this and avoid using Pampers in the future.

    • Steven Tarlow

      Gotta love the cloth diapers. Keep up with all the laundry and it is much better for baby and the environment. Of course most people use electric or propane washers… to be truly green about it, wash the things by hand. That's hard-core!

  • Bambo Nature

    Bambo Nature is the only Baby diaper in North America awarded the Nordic Swan.

    Bambo Nature diapers have been tested dermatologically by the institute ProDerm (Institute for Applied Dermatological Research) and ATC GmbH (Applied Tox-Consult) with the result “Good”

    The following raw materials are used in the production of Bambo Nature Baby Diapers.

    • Fluff: Peroxide-Bleached (H2O2) Paper material from controlled forestry. Does not contain optical brighteners.

    • SAP: The SAP is a mix of wheat starch and acrylic polymers does not contain phthalates.

    • Non-Woven: Produced from polypropylene without the use of organic solvents. Is not based on chlorine and does not contain phthalates.

    • Tape: Produced from paper and polyethylene

    • Foil: Produced from polyethylene.

    • Lycra: Consists of elastomers made from polyurethane.

    • Ink: The printing ink is not based on heavy-metal-containing pigments.

    • Glue: Does not contain phthalates, is based on resin and wax.

    Bambo Nature is avalable at AMAZON and other premium retailers.

  • Tonia

    4 weeks ago we had a rash issue, went to the doctor she said it was yeast infection. We followed the doctor's orders for the yeast infection, using the ointment prescribed by doctor and diaper rash cleared up. We had been using Huggies diapers, but I also pick up Pampers when I have coupons, so we are not very partial diaper users. But Babies-R-Us and Pampers were trying out a big promotion over the new Cruisers w/ Dry Max. So I picked up two large packs. Cracked open one of my new cases of Pampers Cruisers with Dry Max shortly after that original rash cleared up. Within a couple days the rash on my daughter has reappeared, we are now on week 3 of rash and NOTHING is clearing it up. It looked slightly different than the original rash, it looks like tiny little pin prick bubbled blisters, with a very red irritated surrounding skin.

    I have tried using Aquaphor Healing Ointment by Eucerin (has always worked for my son with Exema issues), Burt's Bees Diaper Ointment w/ Vit. E & Lavender & Calendula both known for calming inflamed skin & finally Goldsheild Kamillosan Chamomile Ointment with NO LUCK! Went back to the doctor recommended ointment this past week, even used a round of Monistat and nothing was alleviating her rash. NOTHING has subsided her rash! I am afraid that she is scarred from the rash now and bless her heart she's been SO irritable! I can totally understand why, as I can only imagine she's in pain!

    I bought some Huggies today upon hearing from my sister that there was national headlines being made regarding parental concerns on the change in chemicals used to make these new diapers. So we've taken a picture of her and cleaned her well and have placed her in Huggies before putting her in bed. We shall see if that makes any difference with the rash come morning. I sure do hope so for her sake, bless her heart! Meanwhile, I still have a whole other case of these diapers and I am not sure what to do with them in light of P&G saying parents are “liars” and or are Huggie sympathizers! NOT TURE AT OUR HOME! We are coupon sympathizers, you provide me with an opportunity to purchase cheaper one over the other…I most definitely will.

    BUTT if this is the solution to our rash, and Pampers/P&G can’t admit some fault and standby it’s product, then you can surely bet your BOTTOM dollar our household will NEVER purchase another P&G product! As it seems very clear to me that there’s something potentially amidst here and your consumer base should NEVER EVER be called “LIARS”! Doesn’t matter WHY, but rather that you can stand up and support your product whether or not you believe its integrity is at fault! Buy back your diapers and provide your customers with satisfaction so that they might consider your product and company a worthy one that warrants forgiveness in hopes of regaining or maintaining your customer service in the future!

  • Jo

    My 13 month-old got very similar horrible rash on his bottom, blisters and all. I thought it was a yeast infection. We ran out of Cruisers and bought the baby dry, and 3 days later the rash is gone but there is still a red mark where it was. I hope they get to the bottom of this.

  • childzen

    this is the reason we switched to using bambo nature diapers. they are 100% natural inside and still fit like pampers. we buy them here…

    • Steven Tarlow

      With my first child, we tried to stick with cloth diapers. We were able to do so for quite a while before we caved to the laundry pressure. Your idea is certainly a good one!

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