Same day personal loans

*+-Same Day Personal Loans may be the answer to your emergency. This problem is becoming more and more commonplace. Every day you hear about the effects of this turbulent economy on one family or another. Lost jobs are rampant. Moving in with family and friends and combining households is happening everywhere. Do you need same

Stephen Hawking says aliens may not be safe to contact

*+-British astrophysicist Stephen Hawking says aliens likely do exist, according to The Times. However, attempts humanity makes to contact them could produce “catastrophic results.” Hawking, who is promoting a Discovery Channel series entitled “Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking,” finds the possibility of extraterrestrial life to be quite rational, but knowing their nature will prove

Instant Online Approval Loans

*+-Need instant online approval loans for your business or personal life? It can be difficult to get these types of loans if you do not have good or great credit. To get an online approval loan from companies, you will either need to have a high credit score or be willing to pay a higher

Yes, you really can get Same Day Paydayloans today!

*+-Yes, you really can get Same Day Paydayloans or Personal Installment Loans today. If you have struggled with less than perfect credit, the last thing you want is yet another late payment on your credit report. Luckily, if you need money right now, even if you have bad credit, there really are such things as 

Pawn America | Bringing value to every customer

*+-During this recession, pawn shop companies like Pawn America (See www.pawnamerica.com) have provided a valuable service for cash-strapped consumers. Secured loans in exchange for collateral property have been a popular service for hundreds of years, but companies like Pawn America have got it down to a science. As they state on their website, they see themselves as

Yes, you really can get quick loans same day you apply!

*+-Yes, you really can get quick loans same day you apply or personal installment loans today. If you have struggled with less than perfect credit, the last thing you want is another late payment on your credit report. Luckily, if you need cash right now, even if you have bad credit, there really are such

Arizona Immigration bill signed by Jan Brewer

*+-Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has signed Arizona Senate Bill 1070, the Arizona immigration bill, making it the new Arizona immigration law.  The law is hotly contested by many people, including the President of the United States.  It is alleged the law mandates racial profiling be perpetrated by police and fosters legally sanctioned racism.  The governor

Blippy credit card info exposed to identity theft on Google

*+-The Blippy credit card info exposed on Google is way too much information.  Blippy invites users use the social networking service to tell their friends about what they buy online. Venturebeat reported Friday that at least one person figured out how to find Blippy members’ credit card numbers on Google. A search VentureBeat calls “fairly

Defense attorneys call for Blagojevich/Obama subpoena

*+-The case against disgraced former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich is progressing, and his defense team plans to attempt to call President Obama to the stand.  A Blagojevich/Obama subpoena could mean nothing.  It may also spell disaster for either the indicted ex-politician or the president.  The kind of legal team necessary for this case would send

X-37b space plane | A U.S. step toward militarizing space?

*+-Many people are unhappy about the state of NASA’s budget under President Obama (they think the program might need corporate payday loans), and the introduction of the Boeing X-37b certainly won’t help matters. The launch of the new Boeing space plane is a scientific boon in the minds of some in that the X-37b can

Debate rages over Arizona immigration bill

*+-Arizona Senate Bill 1070, also known as SB 1070 or the Arizona immigration bill, has caused a firestorm of controversy.  Allegations of racial profiling and discrimination, among other things, have been flung in the debate.  The President of the United States himself condemned it, while his former campaign nemesis John McCain has come out in

Cryptococcus gattii: Killer Canadian fungus threatening U.S.

*+-Cryptococcus gattii infection is the latest exotic microscopic biological threat being sensationalized in the media. Cryptococcus gattii is a common fungus that biologists have known about for a long time. But a new highly virulent strain has emerged in the Pacific Northwest. Cryptococcus Gattii used to only affect people with weakened immune systems. Until now.

SEC Porn Scandal – who regulates the regulators?

*+-Apparently, there isn’t very much to do at the Securities and Exchange Commission.  More than 30 SEC employees were found to have surfed or downloaded from adult websites over the last two years, according to a recent internal report that has just been released, and the SEC porn scandal is appearing at the worst possible

LaShawn Merritt, gold medalist, fails drug test, faces ban

*+-LaShawn Merritt, the reigning Olympic champion at 400 meters, has failed a drug test and faces a suspension. Merritt could be hit with a two-year ban from competition by U.S.A. Track and Field (USATF) after testing positive for a steriod he said he ingested unwittingly in an erectile dysfunction drug. The unlikelyhood of a 23-year-old

Use a no fax cash advance to save your house

*+-Using a no fax cash advance could help you save your home if you have missed a few payments on your mortgage. Even before you get served a foreclosure notice, you can take a proactive approach by getting caught up. It will look better on your credit report, and you will not have to refinance

Catch up on rent with a no fax payday loan

*+-Could a no fax payday loan help you catch up on your rent? You may have fallen behind on your rent because of a lost income or because of a health concern. Or, it may be that you just cannot afford your rent anymore. At any rate, you need to catch up on your rent