Whipped Beaten Culinary Works | Cooking, with expletives added

Eggs ready for a whisk

Whipped Beaten Culinary Works gives cooking and edge. Image from Flickr.

No, it’s not an April Fool’s joke — Whipped Beaten Culinary Works has come out with a cookbook that will definitely make your eyes pop. Billing itself as “The Most Hilarious cookbook ever published,” the Whipped Beaten Culinary Works cookbook is the result of a few alcohol-laden evenings of three friends in Chicago. The pictures all have a certain lo-fi charm, and you wouldn’t be caught dead using the language around your grandmother, but the Whipped Beaten Culinary Works cookbook actually has some pretty good food. The self-published little book is even affordable, so you won’t have to get a fax payday loan to pay for it.

Whipped Beaten Culinary Works born with alcohol

According to the “how it began” story on the Whipped Beaten Culinary Works web site, the whole idea of the cookbook started in a bar. You know the story; friends get drunk, friends share recipes, friends take embarrassing pictures, friends publish the whole kit ‘n kaboodle. Several publishers told the friends that their idea simply would not sell. So, the friends put together Whipped Beaten Culinary Works cookbook and decided to self-publish.

What you’ll find in the Whipped Beaten Culinary Works cookbook

The cookbook, titled “Get in the Kitchen Bit@hes! This Ain’t Your Grandma’s Cookbook,” has three “levels” of recipes: “For the Culinary Challenged,” “I think you can,” and “This might take a little extra time and a brain.” Every section also has an “S&M section” – which includes all the “Sides and More” for every dish. There are also quite a few pictures that might make you blush, might make you giggle.

Get Involved with Whipped Beaten Culinary Works

Believe it or not, Whipped Beaten Culinary Works does not stop with the cookbook that took debt consolidation to publish. On its Facebook page, Whipped Beaten Culinary Works offers recipes for you to test for their next cookbook. The Whipped Beaten Culinary Works people also run cooking contests and discussions for their “Cooking Bit@ches.” There’s definitely an edge to this cookbook and to Whipped Beaten Culinary Works, but there’s nothing wrong with having fun in the kitchen. Whipped Beaten Culinary Works proves that.

  • Mary Rice

    You can get the book on the Whipped Beaten Culinary Works website, which is http://www.bitchcooks.com/

    The exact title of the book is "Get In The Kitchen, Bit@hes!"

    • Paula Murphy

      Trying to order these books is very difficult. It keeps multiplying your order and when you go to checkout out it tells you your cart is empty.

  • jeff

    where can ifind the book, and what is the exavt title

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