Hoboken Mayor Peter Cammarano and Rabbis Arrested

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…

Hoboken Mayor Peter Cammarano (Photo: thehobokenjournal.blogspot.com)

Mayor Peter Cammarano (Photo: thehobokenjournal.blogspot.com)

A mayor and some rabbis walk into a bar. They launder lots of money on an international scale while they’re there, so they are arrested. That’s exactly what happened to Peter Cammarano and the rabbis arrested in a huge money laundering scheme that the New York Daily News calls a “sweeping” probe. If they needed money, there are plenty of honest quick cash to be had from cheap loans. But they chose the path that isn’t kosher with the laws of the land.

Here’s the skinny

Dozens of individuals, including Hoboken Mayor Peter Cammarano, at least five rabbis and numerous other “top-ranking New Jersey politicians and dozens of others in the Garden State and Brooklyn” were taken in by the busload by law enforcement. They are alleged to be involved in a money laundering network of international proportions. In total 44 people were charged during raids against the operation, which is believe to operate between Deal, New Jersey, Brooklyn, New York and somewhere in Israel.

The money went through charities controlled by the rabbis

According to AP reports, “Peter Cammarano, Secaucus, New Jersey Mayor Denis Elwell, Jersey City Deputy Mayor Leona Baldini, Jersey City Council President Mariano Vega and two state assemblymen” were rounded up by the FBI and are headed for U.S. District Court.

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What makes this all the more stunning is that Peter Cammarano had only been in office for three weeks. He is being charged with accepting $25,000 in bribes from an undercover operative. More big money that is documented as having changed hands is $15,000 in bribes for building approvals to Assemblyman L. Harvey Smith and $10,000 to Assemblyman Daniel Van Pelt.

Mmmmm… organ meat

You don't need to see my identification. These aren't the rabbis you're looking for. (Photo: bangitout.com)

Numerous area rabbis have been charged with washing the gains of criminal activities through the guise of donation to their own charities. That may be shocking, but there’s someone else who stands out. The AP points to Levy Rosenbaum, a Brooklynite who has apparently been trafficking in human organs for 10 years. Rosenbaum reportedly convinced the sick to donate their kidneys for $10,000. After obtaining them, he’d quickly sell them for $160,000 each to those in need, say prosecutors.

Oh, there’s a gubernatorial race going on there, too

Incumbent Democratic Governor Jon Corzine is battling against Republican Chris Christie. How happy are they that this scandal has nothing to do with them (so far as we know)? I still want to know why the rabbis were so short of cash that they felt they had to resort to such illegal means of filling the temple. What would dear old Solomon say? Likely, he’d say that they should take the quick cash from cheap loans and cut it right in half. The one who protests the loudest would be forced to be the whipping boy for the members of the charity who believed their operation was honest.

Hey, I wonder if this can be traced back to Madoff? He’s an easy target. Your budget, however, doesn’t have to be. If you need quick cash, apply now below. Solomon is watching you…

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  • Peter Stone

    Ordinarily, a person could be shocked and outraged at this kind of pervasive corruption in public officials and the clergy, but is it really surprising at this point in history? It's kind of a given that both organizations (The Church and The State) are both for profit enterprises, and susceptible to bribery. Heck, look at Congressional and Senatorial voting records and then campaign contributions – all the campaign finance scandals that have happened over the last few years…it isn't like it's been covert, this has been ongoing. The people we put our trust in that occupy positions of power, be it governmental, religious, or otherwise, are all out for their nickel.

    A wiseacre could probably joke about the mob in Jersey, but that would be maudlin – besides, the BIG buyoffs are done by Wall Street: they were given massive amounts of money in the bailouts, money that if the government gets back, in no way will the repayment go to benefit the very people who paid for it – the tax payers. Same thing with this health care bill. It won't be successful, but given the workings of bureaucratic offices in this country, it isn't like it will work well for anyone who is actively involved in funding it through their income taxes, whether they're getting the rich to pay for it or not. (Who wouldn't be able to burden even the majority of the amount needed – leaving the middle class to pay the check and get none of the benefits.)

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