C Street House | Your Officials at Mischievous Work (Pt. 1)

In case you missed it, you should be worried

Do you feel comfortable with your elected officials belonging to a secret society that “rejects morality as a secular construct of man?” Do you find it troubling that the same officials then take it upon themselves to “moralize” on the topic of why cheap loans and personal loans are bad for their constituents, all the while seeing no problem with abandoning their publicly appointed duties and committing marital infidelity? It should bother you, because your elected officials are openly stating that they serve a power that is more important than citizens like yourself that they have pledged to serve C Street House.

C Street House Very worried

Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina. Senator John Ensign of Nevada. Congressman Chip Pickering (See: http://blog.au.org/2009/07/21/family-values-secretive-c-street-band-is-wild-and-not-so-innocent/) of Mississippi. Congressman Todd Tiahrt of Kansas. Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma. These politicians and others are a part of a fellowship at C Street House, where they follow the teachings of “The Family.” Their secret society apparently supersedes their obligation to the public. If they were told to aid the family in a way that would violate their commitment to The Family, these men would do it. And they are completely unapologetic of that fact. How can voters make sure a mistake about such an overall lack of character and substance? Ah, I know. They don’t pay attention when they vote, or they vote the way religious figures advise them to and give it no further thought. Baaaaaaa! Baaaaaaa! Trade your brains in for shovels, because you should bury yourselves during important times like elections. Or at least turn in your citizenship for magic Moses beans. Then the beanstalk will trip you on the way to the polls… or the mailbox… or whatever. What I’m saying is, please don’t vote without a brain… again.

They do not answer to you

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Democratic Underground draws our attention to a July 16 interview on “The Rachel Maddow Show.” Jeff Sharlet, journalist and author of the book “The Family: Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power,” speaks of how the extramarital affairs committed recently by high-profile politicians were known about for months before the knowledge became public. The fellowship and The Family as a whole supposedly knew, and in some cases, a lot of money began to change hands in order to keep things quiet. And that appears to be just the tip of the iceberg at C Street House. As Sharlet puts it, “There’s a level when you are at the C Street house, It’s almost like a fundamentalist frat house. The Family sees their oath to one another as more important than their accountability to the public.”

CLICK HERE and see how Todd Tiahrt of Kansas steers this into even more dangerous waters…

  • Peter Stone

    The Framers insisted on a separation church and state for a reason – they knew about the wars of religion that had been going on in Europe for centuries, even if they didn't care if the same thing was being done to the Irish and then you have the whole religious backing of Manifest Destiny, i.e. The Holocaust of the Native Americans, but that's a whole other can of worms. (Oh, AND that whole thing with invading foreign countries and slavery! Because God says it's totally OK to kill foreigners…Wait a tic, isn't there that whole "Thou shalt not kill" thing? And I especially love how the most conservatively religious of Congress people are all fantastically wealthy when it is clearly stated that "It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven" but again…a different story.)

    It seems that we expend all this energy trying to engender freedom to the rest of the world, yet so many of our leaders are sadly deranged enough that they want to instill a Christian Totalitarian Theocracy in this Nation and on this Earth. Quite disturbing. And we're supposed to be the shining example to everyone else – and this is the kind of thing that goes on. This C Street Group is…well, insane. Given world history, you'd think that the idea of Church and State being merged entities would be a bad idea. But then again, that conclusion usually occurs to people with sanity – something these C Street guys are about 30 yards downfield from.

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