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How being cheap can cost you


When it comes to being smart with your money, there are two directions: being cheap and being careful. While it is true that being cheap will save you money in the short-term, there are many situations in which being cheap can actually end up costing you more.
Associated costs
When buying anything from a car to a computer, the cheapest thing often looks like a good option because the sticker price is so much lower. If you decide to buy cheap, though, there are several ways you could end up costing yourself more. The associated costs, everything from repair costs to accessories, [...]

Investing in the life you have


Study after study has shown that habits are built by the things that we do every day, not the things that we do only every once in a while. Combined with the market research idea of “maximum use imperative,” it means most of us spend more money on the life we want to have, rather than the life we do have, and that costs us money.
Maximum use imperative
The idea of maximum use imperative is one that, when making big purchases, most people consider the things that they wish to do or occasionally use an item for, rather than the things [...]

The basic recurring costs of business

costs of business

Running a business means having a good handle on the costs that you will be incurring to keep your business running. Even if you are in a low startup cost business, such as an online or service-based business, there are certain expenses you will need to pay on a regular basis.
Business licenses are not only a startup cost, they are a recurring cost of doing business. Depending on which state, county and city you are doing business in, business licenses could be a recurring cost. When you apply for your business license and certifications, double-check their renewal dates and costs. [...]

Seven red flags to avoid a tax audit

Audit guy

Only about 1 percent of all Americans will face a tax audit any given year. Some audits are selected completely at random, but most are in response to red flags. Avoiding these red flags will do much to reduce your chances of becoming part of “the 1 percent.”
Charitable deductions
Excessively large charity contributions are one of the biggest red flags for the IRS.
Alan Straus, a tax attorney and certified public accountant in New York, said:
“It is really unusual for people to give more than 10 percent of their income. Ten percent is an extremely large number. The average is really about [...]

Know what bonds can do for you

what bonds can do

If you’re looking for an investment that offers steady reward with relatively minimal risk, consider bonds. Conservative investors have flocked to bonds for years because they remain comparatively steady when the stock market is volatile. The Wall Street Journal advises young investors to populate up to 15 percent of their retirement accounts with bonds.
What what bonds can do, exactly?
Represented on paper, bonds are loans a consumer makes to a company, city or the federal government. They’re essentially IOUs, where the investor receives the promise that their money will be paid back in full, with regular interest payments. As interest rates [...]

Pawn loans having a renaissance thanks to television

Pawn loansPawn loans, once usually reserved for the desperate and poor, is starting to become a booming business. Recent TV shows may be partly why.

Payday Loans are Proving to be Reliable Funding Options

Payday loans can be useful if consumers know how to manage them wisely.

More Consumers Need Installment Loans to Pay for Electricity

Installment LoansThe cost of utilities is expected to increase and is causing many Americans to look to installment loans to manage.

Cater to Urgent needs with Cash Advance Loans

Think short term financial troubles can defeat you? Not with cash advance loans on your side! (Photo:$1,500 Cash Advance Loans direct deposited into your account in 2 hours with no credit checks or faxing in most cases. Get Started Here!

Mortgage rates rise despite crippled demand for housing

HouseMortgage interest rates are steadily climbing away from the near record lows that were recently observed, but home sales are staying low.

Anyone looking for cash now should look to Gift Cards

Consumers looking to cash now can find it by getting free gift cards.

Federal Minimum Wage and U.S. Labor Laws

Federal minimum wageDespite the fact that the federal minimum wage is not a living wage for anyone who pays rent, some states such as Colorado want to pay less...

A Loan till Payday Can Help You Get Ahead

I can't say my two-week loan till payday was inexpensive. But I can say that getting it was an advantageous move. Looking back, I’ll even call it a bargain...

Installment Loans | 3 Reasons to Get a Short Term Loan

3 Installment Lending ReasonsBorrowers use payday loans and installment loans to save money, protect their credit and cover emergency expenses...

Payday loans can be received in short order without a fax machine

Don't let a lack of a fax machine prevent you from getting a payday loan.

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac foreclosures cost tax payers billions

An auction sign in the window of a house after foreclosureFannie Mae foreclosures are fueling losses and costing the government billions, but a fearful Congress is avoiding the issue. READ MORE...