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Top 10 places to retire in the US, part 2

Retirees, here’s information you need to know when it comes to choosing a place to roost for retirement. This concludes this article of covering the top 10 places to retire in the U.S. CLICK HERE if you missed part 1 of this article. Athens, Ga. Downtown Athens, which is within walking distance of the University
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Top reasons why your credit card application can be rejected

While there is some risk involved, applying for a credit card can be a worthwhile way to build your credit score. Unfortunately, many people receive that shocking rejection letter in the mail, and they don’t fully understand why. Here are some reasons why your credit card application can be rejected. Credit card rejection reason No.
IRS Headquarters

IRS budget cuts costing taxpayers

The Internal Revenue Service has few fans but serves an essential function. Currently, budget cuts and other issues at the agency are costing taxpayers. Budget cuts causing issues Few federal agencies are as maligned as the Internal Revenue Service. Joe or Jane Taxpayer may think that trimming the IRS budget is a blessing. However, there

IRS form 1099-K changes reporting for online payment processors

Any income a person brings in should be reported to the IRS, but there are billions of dollars a year that are not reported. This “tax gap” will be getting smaller in the 2011 tax year when payment processors must start filing form 1099-K. What 1099-K requires Form 1099-K will be a new form required
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Atari files Chapter 11? Yes, it is still in business

People who are old enough remember the impact Atari had in the neophyte days of video game development. Many, however, will be surprised that the company is still in business. The U.S. arm of the company has filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy in order to separate from its parent company in France. That parent is likewise
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Stop whining about teen unemployment and prioritize

Summer jobs for teens are considered a rite of passage to some. However, despite the pronouncement of President Obama to the contrary, the private sector is not “doing fine.” Unemployment is up for everyone in the country, so someone – in this case, teens – get the short end of the stick. Witness the numbers,

HSBC latest bank caught money laundering for drug cartels

HSBC, one of the largest banks in the nation, and in fact the world, has been caught money laundering for drug cartels and a veritable murderer’s row of international criminals. Though the bank is clearly culpable for its actions, it is hardly the first of its kind. Largest bank in Europe caught money laundering for

Wells Fargo cancels debit card rewards

Earlier this year, Wells Fargo announced that it was going to cancel its debit card rewards program, beginning with not allowing any new enrollments. The bank has just announced that all debit card rewards are going to be canceled as of October this year. Banks scrambling to implement debit card fees The nation’s largest banks

New money-saving options at your local library

When economic times are tough, the number of visitors at local libraries spikes. Library services have been growing to meet this increased demand, and most local libraries offer free services many patrons don’t even know about. Magazines and periodicals The magazine subscriptions that can cost hundreds of dollars per year are probably available at your

More than $11 billion lost to alleged Medicare overbilling

Medicare is one of the single largest line-items in the national budget, with hundreds of billions being allocated to health care for our nation’s seniors. However, a recently released study suggests that doctors are engaging in Medicare overbilling, due to some taking advantage of deep federal pockets. Report suggests chronic Medicare overbilling According to SmartMoney
A WWII-era U.S. government sign encouraging citizens not to waste food. The sign is entitled "Keep it Clean! Don't Waste Food."

Wasted food is an American epidemic

When you were a child and much more finicky about what you ate, did your parents ever encourage you to be a good boy and become a member of the “Clean Plate Club?” Parents’ concern over proper nutrition for their children notwithstanding, shoveling down food isn’t healthy – but then neither is wasted food. Wasting

Avoid getting soaked by gyms and health clubs

Last year, the Better Business Bureau logged about 9,400 complaints against gyms, health clubs and fitness consultants. That is an increase of about 15 percent from the year before. Here are some things to look for to avoid getting soaked before you sweat. Health clubs love the New Year Losing weight, getting fit or joining

Yo-yo financing leaves buyer vulnerable

“Spot delivery” or “yo-yo financing” is when an auto dealer allows a buyer with poor credit to take possession of a vehicle before finalizing the finances. While it may be enormously gratifying for the  consumer to drive away in a new car immediately, it also allows disreputable dealers to stick him or her with higher
Bottled Water

Beware the extreme expense of bottled water

A lot of people like to consume bottled water, believing it to be cleaner and more posh than tap water. However, there are some bottled waters that aren’t what they claim to be. Strike over bottled water scam at famed restaurant Workers at a posh New York restaurant have gone on strike recently over unfair
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Legal pot not jackpot for potheads

Marijuana aficionados may be rejoicing in Colorado and Washington, now that voters have passed state laws for legal pot. But experts say, tread with caution. For now, there is no guarantee that federal prosecutors still won’t crack down on users, growers and sellers. Legal pot laws pass Tuesday, Colorado voters passed Amendment 64. A similar

Putin – Savior of Western Civilization?

Vladimir Putin, otherwise denounced as an authoritarian goon and kleptocrat of the highest order, is being hailed by some as a savior. Many believe Putin a bastion of Western Civilization for some very bad reasons. Pat Buchanan among Putin admirers Some people should know better. Pat Buchanan, right-wing commentator and former Nixon staffer, has been
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What to do with your tax refund

Tax refunds are on their way to many U.S. taxpayers. Along with a tax return comes the annual decision on what to do with your tax refund. The average refund for the 2012 filing season is $2,899, according to the IRS, $100 less than in 2011. In case you’ve forgotten, here are some sound ideas.