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Why Rand Paul Should Be President

If the current two-party system must be maintained, presidential candidates should be selected worth voting for and Rand Paul is one of the few Republicans that qualify. He would at least be a step in the right direction.
Rand Paul is at least realistic
Rand Paul penned an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal – the Times won’t run anything the White House doesn’t approve – suggesting a 15 percent spending cut across the board and returning to 2008 spending levels. Social Security and Medicare aren’t touched, corporate welfare programs are primed for the hatchet and defense gets cut but not eviscerated; […]

Apple Is Very Progressive – With Other People’s Money!

Oh, the business and tech press surely love Apple since they can’t stop praising them or kissing Steve Jobs’ dead butt. They are so innovative and progressive, they wheedle, but they are that way due standing on the shoulders of geniuses and from other people’s money.
Apple are almost as big of tax cheats as GE
There is no company in America that avoids taxes as much as GE, but Apple is close behind. Just like GE, Apple is able to avoid corporate income taxes using loopholes to keep from paying their fair share.
According to 2013 Wall Street Journal article, the purveyor […]

Something Wicked This Way Comes – Hillary Clinton as President

A lot of people think that Hillary Clinton as President is a likely front-runner for the Democrats after Obama leaves office, and that she’ll win. Hillary Clinton as president would be terrible.
Hillary Clinton as president would be more of the same
So what if an election of Hillary Clinton as President would mean a woman attained the office? Just like some people voted for Barack Obama because he was black, some people are bound to vote for Hillary Clinton because she’s a woman. Granted, it may be fewer people than one thinks but there are people who will.
Not that women shouldn’t hold office […]

An Odd Match – Progressives and Libertarians

Believe it or not, people on different ends of the political spectrum can have more in common than one might think. For instance, progressives and libertarians are in agreement over a lot of things.
Imagine a Paul-Kucinich alliance
Here’s an example of what one might mean: imagine if Ron Paul (probably the most famous libertarian there is) and Dennis Kucinich (one of the biggest lefty progressives ever) were to find an issue in common and work together. Sounds pretty far fetched, right? Heck, Obama and the Republicans in Congress can’t agree on anything, and both are basically after the same things in […]

Cold War Propaganda Redux, American Style

It seems a new Red Scare has emerged with Russian-American tensions nearly returning to the hateful simmer of years gone by. With a new Cold war comes new Cold War propaganda, on both sides.
New Cold War Means New Cold War Propaganda
Is there a new Cold War? A lot of people think so, such as this article in The Nation, another on CNN, and so on. According to Bloomberg, Russian Prime Minister Dimitry Medvedev has said a new Cold War is essentially on the horizon. His boss, President Vladimir Putin, has rubbished the idea, according to Russia Today.
A new Cold War […]

Is Ellen Brown a Libertarian?

Some wonder if writer/columnist/activist Ellen Brown is a libertarian due to some of the views she holds. The answer is that asking that is sort of splitting hairs, because the “libertarian” tag can be widely applied.
Ellen Brown a libertarian depending on definition
Some denizens of the internet and other media have labeled Ellen Brown a libertarian, or at least have suggested she runs parallel with them. Others insist she isn’t a true believer in libertarian ideals.
Others still don’t care.
Those who do may wonder if Ellen Brown is a libertarian. Well, that depends. The term has a lot of definitions, connotations and […]

Is A Minimum Wage Necessary?

There’s been one for decades, but is a minimum wage necessary? There are a lot of countries that don’t have one and the residents aren’t exactly suffering for it. Perhaps the federal minimum should be revised to naught.
Apparently a $15 minimum wage is necessary in Seattle
The city of Seattle, Wash., recently approved measures to raise the Seattle minimum wage to $15 per hour, igniting debate and controversy. The state of Washington already has the highest minimum wage nationwide, more than $9 per hour. The federal minimum wage is $7.25.
The federal minimum is also behind the rate of inflation. Estimates vary […]

Why Open Carry Is For Wussies

The gun rights debate is raging more than ever and groups of people are staging “open carry” demonstrations in protest. However, it’s a big-time waste, because open carry is only done by pansies.
No need for open carry
For those that haven’t been following the news, a number of “open carry” demonstrations have been occurring. They haven’t been confined to this year, but the idea is especially big in Texas (of course) but according to Slate, similar demonstrations have been put on in other states. The idea is that a bunch of gun enthusiasts get together, brandish their guns IN PUBLIC and […]

The Looney Tunes Gospel of Pat Buchanan

Pat Buchanan, conservative pundit and former Nixon staffer, is often accused of going off the deep end. Maybe he hasn’t, but the guy certainly has a screw loose.
Pat Buchanan’s Love Affair with Vladimir Putin
Celebrity worship certainly applies to world leaders, but Pat Buchanan is in love with Vladimir Putin – not exactly the kind of person one should revere. The conservative pundit has praised Putin’s defense of “traditional values,” or in other words forcing Christian values (which hardly anyone actually lives up to) down people’s throats using the law.
In this post on Buchanan’s blog and this one, he extolls Putin’s […]

Is Ukraine Worth Going Nuclear Over?

For those that haven’t been following the news, Russia has invaded the Ukraine, specifically the Black Sea port region of the Crimea. In the meantime, the U.S. military has been engaging in drills related to nuclear warfare scenarios, begging the question of whether the Ukraine situation is getting that far out of hand.
Ukraine bringing Cold War back to life
A lot of people remember the Cold War. Some might not. The situation in the Ukraine, among other incidents, is believed by some to be part of a resurgence of American/Russian hostilities.
Some people might think that idea ridiculous, but the Russian and […]

Putin – Savior of Western Civilization?

Vladimir Putin, otherwise denounced as an authoritarian goon and kleptocrat of the highest order, is being hailed by some as a savior. Many believe Putin a bastion of Western Civilization for some very bad reasons.
Pat Buchanan among Putin admirers
Some people should know better. Pat Buchanan, right-wing commentator and former Nixon staffer, has been on a tear recently, declaring Russian PM Vladimir Putin a defender of Western Civilization, such as an April 2014 op-ed on and on his own website in December 2013.
Putin, he argues, stands against western decadence by cracking down on gay rights, abortion, pornography, proclaiming Christianity paramount […]

Glenn Greenwald – American Hero or Villain?

Glenn Greenwald, the journalist who broke the Edward Snowden story, is a controversial man, but some label Glenn Greenwald an American hero. Others think him a villainous muckraker, making problems where there should be none.
Glenn Greenwald an American hero of journalistic tradition
Some would call Glenn Greenwald an American hero in the tradition of investigative reporters for breaking the Edward Snowden story in The Guardian, leaking classified documents and exposing the NSA’s PRISM program. Fellow journalists, such as David Gregory of “Meet The Press,” according to the Washington Post, have called for his arrest.
He isn’t doing anything new. Neil Sheehan broke […]

Putin – a Neo-Fascist Spawn of Hell

Few doubt that Vladimir Putin is a neo-fascist at this point and anyone that does is delusional. Though timid steps were taken towards democracy after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia is descending quickly into an authoritarian state again.
Putin a Neo-Fascist in fundamental sense
While the words “fascist” and “neo-fascist” might be oft-bandied by liberals, labeling Vladimir Putin a neo-fascist is not exaggeration or hyperbole. Part of any definition of fascism is the state and corporate entities merging; that has been accomplished.
There are, according to Forbes, 111 billionaires in Russia, though another Forbes article reports the Russian middle class – […]

Three Reasons To Say No To Mitt Romney In 2016

It’s easy to come up with three reasons not to vote for Mitt Romney in 2016, should he run. Naturally he’s vacillating about whether he will, but if he should, there are some pretty good reasons why not.
Romney in 2016 would be more of the same
Among the reasons to not vote for Romney in 2016 – or any year – is that Romney would just be more of the same, especially in regard to economic policy. He favored cutting entitlements, so long as they weren’t corporate. He supported Wall Street bailouts, according to Forbes, while decrying the auto bailouts as […]

GE Has Made A Lot Of Everybody Else’s Money

If there is one company that exploits the rules encouraging crony capitalism better than anyone, it appears GE would be the one. General Electric seemingly can’t make a lot of money on its own, so it relies on everyone else’s to stay afloat.

GE sues to get a refund
Remember the “GE pays no taxes” scandal? To recap, one of the wealthiest corporations in the world, General Electric, paid no taxes whatsoever in 2010, according to the New York Times.  It gets better. Recently, according to Forbes magazine, GE SUED the IRS to get a $658 million refund. In 2003, the […]

American Dreams Die Hard: The Death Of The Republic

The American republic is dead. Or at least it’s dying, lingering on life support in a coma and clinging to what little life is left in it. What little democratic choice is left is of little meaning or consequence.
American Republic Practically In Name Only
Though the American republic still has “democratic” elections, there are only two choices. America is a two-party state, rare among Western nations. The current British government is a coalition between the Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties and both Sweden and Germany have a Pirate Party, according to Der Spiegel. They arrr not joking.
The United States doesn’t, or […]